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About Us

About the Shard:

The lands of Legends of Sosaria currently occur in a time period after a war wreaked havoc on Britannia.  The existence of factions caused an all out war in the realm, and the aftermath left the population sparse.  The remaining people have settled between TerMur, Tokuno, Malas, and Trammel.  There are a couple remaining factions, however their members are ever dwindling and their power days have passed.  Since the war, it has left Felucca overrun with monsters.  There are not enough left in the world to fight off the ever growing numbers that continue to overrun and raid the towns.

About the Staff:

Legends of Sosaria is co-owned by Lilith & Kos.  We were long time players of Ultima Online, and decided to make a server that perfectly portrayed everything we love about the game.  We strive to make a server that we would love to play on.  Our current other staff members is Onyx (Developer).  Our server is constantly growing and developing, as we strive to make something that is completely unique and our own vision!  We have a very friendly community of players!

About Dardosia:


We are currently in the initial stages of creating a custom facet, Dardosia, which will eventually replace Ilshenar.  All important aspects of Ilshenar will be moved to new locations within the other facets before release, and there is no estimated time of release yet.  As we progress there will be previews and sneak peaks showcasing Dardosia.