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Wiki - Custom Spell Systems Spell Books

Important Note: The Custom Spell Systems are not subject to FC, FCR, LMC.

They are unique systems outside the normal magical schools.


The Spellbooks for the Custom Spell Systems work a little different than the traditional books.  When one of the new books is double clicked it opens the book complete with all the spells.  To the left of each is a button that can be used to open the book to the spell in the book..  To the right is a scroll that can be used to do the same.  

The spell chosen may be cast by clicking the 'Cast' Button directly.  Alternatively, by clicking the spell icon it is possible to place that icon on the screen for future use.


Use the arrows to move the icon to where you would like it to be on your screen and then click Apply.


Or, for those who prefer hotkeys, spells can be cast with the [csscast command.  To use this, a 'Key' must be set in the spellook.  In the illustration above, Leaf Whirtlwind has had the key of 'leafwhirlwind' set.  The spell can now be cast by typing the following.

[csscast leafwhirlwind

This command can be built into macro's to create hotkeys that will allow the casting of the spells in much more convenient ways.

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