Shard Specifications

Running on a Stable Dedicated Server

One Account per Player, No Skill Cap

300 Starting Stat Cap (500 possible with scrolls)

New Player Dungeon, Quests, Champ

 & Power Hour Cloak (Available until 30 days Account Age)

Custom Clothing, Weapon, & Spawn Graphics

Custom Hairstyles

Weapon Leveling & Imbuable Clothing

Custom Arti Systems

(Tier 3 Tokuno, Relics of Ter Mur trade in system

Legendary Spawn and Artifact Drops)

Ten levels of T-Maps

(Custom drops for T-Map and SOS chests)

Custom Resources and Runics, 12 types of BoDs

Seasonal & Custom Quests

Customized Player Vendors, Achievements, & Veteran Rewards

Custom Facet - Isle of Eacotura

(Complete with custom Spawn, Tamables & Quests)

Townhouses, LOTS of deco


Download our Custom Client & Play for Free!



With apologies to those who have called us home over the past two years, we regret to announce that LoS has officially closed it's doors.

We had some technical (still unexplained) issues earlier in the week and we will continue to work toward resolving those in our own time, but have decided that the shard will not be going back up in the near future. The main reason for this is simply a lack of time on the part of staff to move forward and give the server the attention it needs and deserves.

Again, we apologize, and hope that you have all enjoyed Legends of Sosaria as much as we have.

-Kos & Staff


The wrap up of the Valentines Quest is drawing near and, come Monday, the Saint Patrick's Quest will begin!


A Power Hour System has been implemented. Use the [powerhour command to initiate one hour per day with 25% increased looted gold, and a 25% chance of a second skill gain on each skill gain.


Lilith has decided to leave the shard to pursue other projects. We should all be thankful for the countless hours she has invested in LoS, which will continue under sole ownership of Kos. There may ultimately be some changes and a period of adjustment in the wake of this change. The next priority will be fixing the issues with World Chat. Thank you to those who have stuck with us through the past months.



Winter Events will end tonight at midnight (UTC), and the Valentine Event will begin. 



Since a recent update there have been reports of issues logging in with the ClassicUO client through the patcher. Some solutions have been added to our Troubleshooting Login Page. Please continue to page staff with issues and we will continue to attempt to resolve them.


The Winter Events are officially open! Happy Holidays everyone!


We have just updated the patcher version of ClassicUO. Please let us know if you run into any issues.


We have also made the decision to stop offering Razor through the patcher due to compatibility issues. You are welcome to use an external copy of Razor if you desire, but please make sure if you do to keep your client patched & up to date.



Though it is still at the beginning of development, we are providing some information about the Time Boost System.



Introducing a new Referral System! There's never been a better time to invite others to play!


We are currently working on a system to reward for time spent in game, as well as a system to reward for referring players to the shard both in attempts to help grow the shard. We are looking for suggestions/ideas for what will help keep you logged in or suggestions that you think will help retain new players, because that is the best way for the shard to grow! Please send us any ideas or suggestions you have through the Contact LoS button here or above. Thank you all. 



Congratulations to Osgaron for winning the Halloween House Deco contest! We've added shots of his place to our Screen Shots Page.


The entrances to Felucca Lost Land Dungeons (Such as Fire, Khaldun, and Terathan Keep) are being redirected. You will be able to access Khaldun through this hole in the Trammel version of Khaldun. Terathan Keep will be accessible through the sparkles listed on the sparkle guide of the website. Fire entrance will be accessible through Serpent's Hold only in the meantime. We will be rebuilding the Felucca Lost Lands Map from scratch, and all existing land masses will be wiped so we have no timeframe on how long this project will take. In the meantime, if you find any other areas you are missing from this change please let us know. Thank you.