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Wiki - Collection Achievements

Hoarding has been a part of Ultima Online since the games creation back in the 90's. We know how important it is to players to have every version of every thing available. To help alleviate that itch, we introduce Collection Achievements!

As we progress, we will add more separate collections. As we do, they will be outlined here.

Vanity Pets

Vanity Pets are immortal followers that occupy their own slot while active. They behave like any other pet that is set to follow it's master, but are blessed. Blessed pets can not attack or be attacked. They have no skill requirements to control them, and they do not need to be fed. In effect, they exist only to embellish their owners image and to look cool.

All the Vanity Pets that will be released will be listed in the Achievements Menu under Collections. Note that this doesn't mean that it's possible to collect them all immediately on release. Where each pet will drop will be determined over time, but we are leaning toward making them primarily available in Forsaken Isles content as it is developed.

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