Wiki - Player Vs. Player Combat

While travelling in Felucca it is possible for Players to attack, steal from, and loot other players.  Adversaries could be lurking anywhere, around any corner, or they might boldly approach you and declare their intentions to take your life.

When two characters are near each other they will highlight blue to each other until a criminal act is taken by one of them, at which point the offending character will highlight grey.

A character who is grey suffers no penalty except that they are easier to target.

Criminal Acts

  • Looting or Carving a corpse that the character does not have loot rights to.  The [Claim & [Grab commands do not count as a Criminal Acts as they will not work on a corpse that a character does not have rights to.  [Claim -c will Carve a corpse and does count as a Criminal Act.

  • Failing to Steal from another player outside a guard zone.

  • Attempting to Steal from another player inside a guard zone.  (The guards may be called on the the thief for 1-10 Seconds depending on how successful the attempt was.)

  • Instigating a fight with another player.

  • Retaliating an attack from another player will turn that character grey only to the Instigator.

  • Healing or Buffing a grey or red Player or Mob.


Regardless of a characters intent, or who took the first swing, when a Player kills another Player they receive one Kill count on their record.

Should a character reach 5 Kill Count they will be branded a Murderer and will highlight red.  Kill Count will naturally decrease by 1 for every 40 hours of game time that a character does not commit another murder.

Effectively, the more you murder players the harder it is going to be to highlight blue again.

Forged Pardons, which can sometimes be found in Level 8 to 10 Treasure Chests, will reduce Kill Count by one each.


Effects of Being Red

  • May not trade or interact with npc Vendors.

  • May not use a Personal World Teleporter or a World Omniporter.

  • May not use, or gain, Virtues.

  • May be attacked freely without the attacker turning grey, and murdered without risk of gaining a Kill Count.

  • Will not be protected by guards in a guard zone.

  • Will not be healed by Wandering Healers. Evil Healers are required.

  • Will not be resurrected at Virtue shrines. Only the Chaos shrine will resurrect a red.

  • Pets and Summons share red status with their owner.

Guild Wars

Through the Guild Menu, war may be declared upon another guild.  While active, all members of the opposing guild will highlight Orange and they may be attacked freely even outside Felucca.