Legends of Sosaria is free to play, and always will be, but it is not free to run or maintain.  It takes hours every day from the lives of our staff and requires extra expenses for hosting and internet services.  To help cover the costs, and to pay our staff, we are capable of accepting donations.  To thank you for these donations we reward digital currency within the game.  It should be noted that, by donating, you are not buying products or services.  Rather you are donating to the shard because you would like to help ensure the ongoing success, and longevity, of Legends of Sosaria.

Donation rewards have been automated.  Use the [donate command in game to link you to where you can donate.  Every 1 US dollar gives the reward of 2 Legendary Dust, which can be used to purchase many things in our LoS Store.  Legendary dust can be purchased or sold for 250k gold from an npc in the store as well.


For every 40 US dollars in a single donation a bonus item will be rewarded.  The bonus item is subject to change without notice, and will be displayed on the home page of this site and on the pedestal in the LoS Store, which can be found under Custom Locations on the world teleporter in game.

For example, MoneyBags the Gargoyle donates $30 early in the month and receives 60 Legendary Dust, but no Donation Bonus.  A week later he donates $90 more and receives 180 Legendary Dust and two Donation Bonuses because the second donation was over $80.  Donations do not add up over a month toward earning Bonuses so the first $30 does not grant a third Bonus even though MoneyBags donated $120 over the month.  

The best way to ensure prompt reward is to donate directly from a PayPal account that has the funds already available. Debit and Credit cards may also be used, but players who choose to use these forms of payment may encounter delays as PayPal will need to verify the payment before the automated system will validate the reward.

If you can't get in game, or wish to donate without being in game, you can use the following form:

Using The [donate Command:  The command launches your browser to a form that defaults to $40 USD donation and shows you will receive 80 Legendary Dust for the transaction.  To modify this number, use the scroll bar directly above these figures.  The bar slides left (for lower) and right (for higher).  Note: If you use the command and it doesn't show the form, try refreshing the page.  If this doesn't work, copy the url from the browser and try it in another browser.  It doesn't seem to like Internet Explorer. 


IMPORTANT:  When entering your account name into the form, it's asking for your Ultima Online - Legends of Sosaria username.  This is what is used to direct your reward back to you, so it's important to type it exactly how it appears when you log in.


Once the form is filled out you will be directed to log into your PayPal.  Follow the steps through until you get confirmation that  your money is sent.  Return to the game and you will have a message saying you have donation rewards to claim.  Click claim... and follow ALL the steps that come up... if you feel you've missed something and you haven't received your reward, try logging out and back in again.  So long as your reward isn't claimed you should get the option to claim it again whenever you log in.  If you have trouble beyond this, feel free to page us in game.


All donations are non-refundable, but we will do our best to ensure the automated system is working properly.  

Thank you for your continued support.