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Back to Beta

Hello everyone. After a tough decision, Kos and I have decided that we are going to put the server back into beta mode. There were a lot of reasons behind this decision. Mainly, we are having trouble achieving our vision on the newer client. We are finding the limitations on the newer client has caused a lot of speed bumps in our creative vision. We are long-term planning on focusing moving all of our content into an older client, so we can do what we want to do with the server. We have also seen a recent drop in our player count, we have gone from the high 20's online activity regularly to about 12-14 players. With how poorly we have been doing, we decided it's not worth continuing to go the way we are going. We are also going through a lot in real life, Kos and I just found out we are expecting another child and we have been running into some issues with my immigration application. All of this has factored into this difficult decision. We also recently had 2 staff members leave. One became overwhelmed in his real life job, and didn't have time for this anymore. The other decided to go because of creative differences, and not wanting to put in the time and effort to go the long road of moving everything we have done into an older client to get more creative freedom in the long-term. This alone has put a serious strain on us.


What this means for current players: You will not lose your accounts, or your stuff. You will be allowed to come and go as you wish on your accounts. However, just keep in mind we won't have players coming in and out anymore. The work we are planning to do on the server will take months, at the minimum. We don't expect you all to want to hang around, though we would love it if you decided to. What we are working toward will be the current server, combined with some really cool changes in rebuilding the world and adding in lots of awesome custom content in addition to the miles of effort we have already put in. Thanks to everyone for being here, you guys are awesome. -Kos and Lilith