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The LoS Patcher is required to keep the client updated.

The client is compatible with the official ClassicUO release with the Razor and Razor Enhanced Plugins

The Patcher comes with it's own version of ClassicUO with Razor

Instructions on how to switch to Razor Enhanced in our 'Getting Started' section.

Attempting to use other assist programs to log into LoS may result in issues

such as graphics not rendering properly and invisible monsters.

Use the Server and Port information above to connect. We'd suggest running  as admin to avoid issues.

If you are a new player, then welcome!  You'll need our custom client to enjoy what we have to offer.  Attempting to play on a different client will cause you to not be able to see many of the items in game and several monsters will be invisible (but still be able to attack you).  It's in your best interest to keep your client patched correctly.

This is easy with the LoS Patch & Play Application.  Just download it, run it, and click 'Ok' to install.  The client will automatically install to where it needs to be. 

If there has been a patch since the last time you logged in then run the Patcher to update your client. Click Verify to check for updates manually.

Once the client is installed (or patched), click the CUO Icon that appears near the center of the patcher screen to load the game.


Attempting to log into LoS without going through the patcher may cause issues similar to those experienced by users on different clients.

Further instructions on how to set this up are on the Getting Started page.

If clicking the button doesn't work,

right-click and open in new incognito window, or try a different browser.

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