The Patch & Play patcher comes with Razor, UO Steam, and the Classic Client with built in Razor. 

Please load the game through the patcher.

The use of software not available here is strongly discouraged

Legends of Sosaria staff offer no support to those who choose to attempt to use them.

If you are a new player, then welcome!  You'll need our custom client to enjoy what we have to offer.  Attempting to play on a different client will cause you to not be able to see many of the items in game and several monsters will be invisible (but still be able to attack you).  It's in your best interest to keep your client patched correctly.

This is easy with the LoS Patch & Play Application.  Just download it, run it, and click 'Ok' to install.  The client will automatically install to where it needs to be. 

Once installed, click the Icon for Razor, Steam or the Classic Client.  The settings will automatically be set to load properly, so click okay.

If there has been a patch since the last time you logged in then it will detect it and prompt you to patch your client. 

To play you will need the Legends of Sosaria Patch and Play.

Ultima Mapper is an optional program.  To use it properly you will need the maps as well.  Mapper creates a folder in Documents called Ultima Mapper.  Overwrite the applicable maps there.

Use [Vote in game to vote and gain up to  5  tokens every 24 to 25 hours