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How does the trash bag work?

The trash bag that all players start with can be used to trash all the extra items gathered during play that may not be worth holding on to.  Three minutes after the last item is placed in the bag, it empties, and the owner of the bag is credited Clean Up Britannia points as if they had dropped the items in the appropriate barrel at a bank. Insured and Blessed items can not be placed into the bag. There is an option to 'Clear' the bag before the three minutes has passed, but doing so will forfeit the Clean Up Britannia points that would have otherwise been earned. Insurance can be removed if a player wishes to trash the item, and Blessed items can be trashed in a trash barrel in that is locked down in their house.

Why can't I chop trees with my axe?

We have added a tool called the Lumberjack's Axe, which is used to chop trees, add-ons, and turn logs into boards.  All other axes have be classified as normal weapons. Bonuses to damage from the Lumberjacking skill still apply to combat with these axes.  The Lumberjacks's Axe can be crafted with Tinkering, or purchased from Carpenters.

Why won't my keys accept an item that it should?

Most likely, an item that won't add to a key has been [keyguarded.  Like Insurance, keyguard is a tag that is applied to an item.  This means it transfers with the item when traded or sold.  If a previous owner of an item has keyguarded it then it still will be.  Just type [keyguard and target the item to toggle it off and the keys should work.

Why is my vendor search option grayed out?

The vendor search option is usable only from within a town guard zone and a house that you own or co-own.  In all other regions it will appear grayed out.

Why does Creature Lore say "you must wait a few moments" when using the skill?

Creature Lore opens a window with the targets' statistics and information in it.  So long as that window is not closed you will not be able to use the skill again because you're not done using it the last time.  Close the macro and try again.  If you're training the skill with a macro then work closing the window into the macro.

How can I hue my items?

There are several options here.  All the traditional dye tubs are available through the Vet System. Those you can get for free if your account age reaches sufficient age (Months not Years). Tokuno dyes can be gathered as arti drops in Tokuno as well. Natural Dyes can be crafted as well through the Cooking and Alchemy craft systems.  For these you'll need Plant Clippings, which are acquired by growing and cultivating plants. Additionally, there are single-use Item Dye Tubs given as a bonus for every $10 CAD of donation. These, and a few other types of single-use tubs, are also purchasable in the LoS Store.

Where do I get pet leashes?

Pet Leashes are craftable with the Tamer's Craft.  For those who can not craft them, or do not wish to, they are also for sale for vote tokens in the LoS Store (Under Custom on the World Omniporter).  It's also fairly common to find them on player vendors, so you may want to try a Vendor Search.

How often are Server Restarts & Patches?

Restarts generally only take 2-3 minutes unless maintenance must be completed.  They are not scheduled, and the frequency varies depending on how important the updates are.  Generally players may expect to see the server restart at least once every 7 days. Thanks to the Patch & Play software, small patches may be implemented as needed without the need to restart. Often Patches will be coupled into a restart and patch notes are described in our change log as they occur.  To ensure your clients are up to date, either restart your Patch & Play, or click Verify within it, whenever there is a restart or you become aware of a patch.  Patches are cumulative so, should one or more be missed, they will all be applied the next time the patcher is run. This is particularly useful for those who do not play often.

How does house decay work?

The time it takes to move through 'Like New' to 'In Danger of Collapsing' is approximately three months. The IDOC stage itself will last from one to three days. If an IDOC drops and the items are not picked up, there is a chance that little creatures named Grubbers will do so and wander the area until they are slain and the items looted.

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