The Codex of Wisdom

This will be updated as we see fit.


The Client

It's in everyone's best interest to download and use our client and we've taken steps to stress the importance of it.  That being said, there has been several occasions where players have managed to get into the game on the wrong client.  We take no responsibility for issues that arise from this.  Many monsters, items, and whole locations will appear wrong (if at all).  We ask that players who refuse to download custom clients not judge the server on what they see, as we're sure it'll be a mess.


PVP is only allowed in PVP Arenas and in Felucca.  Please keep in mind that this is an enter at your own risk situation. You can be killed and looted by other players in Felucca.  Staff will not be responsible for replacing items lost.  It should be noted that the exception to this is quest areas.  While many of the areas are, indeed, in Felucca it is not permitted to hunt other players in these areas.  The intention is for all players, even brand new ones, to be able to enjoy the seasonal quests so we ask that caution is used.  It should also be noted that luring spawn onto other players, or letting a pet go free near an afk player, is against the rules and will result in jail time and eventual banning.

Character Names

Character names are subject to censorship as staff sees fit.  No duplicate names are allowed, and no explicit or inappropriate names will be tolerated.  Also, no strings of letters or numbers, please only use names that can be pronounced.

Afk & Macroing  

Being logged into game while you are afk is absolutely allowed. Please be respectful and do not afk in others houses or too near to player vendors in a way that might make it seem you are shopping. Doing these things may seem invasive or prevent others from approaching the vendor out of respect for your space.

Afk macroing is absolutely allowed as long as it is not to gain wealth or resources.  We will manually check/monitor players as we see necessary.  If you are say, leveling a weapon and we pop up on you and think you are not there and you do not respond, this is a direct violation and you will be jailed.  Skill macroing afk is acceptable.

It is not permitted to tame and release pets in an enclosed area for skill gains unless you are present and killing the released pets as you go. Failure to do this results in the potential for enough spawn in one spot to cause client crashes and lag. It is also not permitted, in general, to afk tame as there is the potential to use those spawn in BODs. Doing so is therefor deemed a profitable action.


Spam Macroing

We do not allow spam of any kind on Legends of Sosaria.  Any macro that is looped should not have messages or speech of any kind that appear in our journals or world chat.  These messages prevent us from properly monitoring the shard.  Spells and system messages are okay to loop freely.  That being said, for the macro's that aren't going to be left on loop for extended periods, we highly encourage creativity.



Please treat public areas, like banks, with the same respect you would in real life.  One or two items on the ground may not be an issue as they will delete after some time, or get picked up by someone else, but too many can cause lag spikes and potentially even cause someone to not be able to log in if there's too many items to load on entry.  Players are given Trash Bags and House Deeds where Trash Barrels are free to create.  Please use them.  


If we receive a complaint from a player, it will be investigated.  We can, if need be, recall anything said in game.  Anything said outside of game is outside our control.

Use of Language

Something needing to be mentioned is the fact that, while we have tolerance for a small amount of cussing, that does not mean that you can speak inappropriately or say perverse offensive things to people.  Please keep in mind that just because you CAN does not mean you SHOULD.  If someone is offended by your behavior, we will consider it a harassment violation.  Know who you are talking to, not everyone takes things the same way.  Please refrain from obnoxious behavior/language in world chat.  We don't mind if you occasionally cuss, but again we request restraint and please do not go overboard.  If we feel this is an issue, it is something we will take out completely, so please be respectful and appreciate we are granting this liberty.


We allow only one account per person.  We allow more than this per IP for people who's spouse or family members want to join.  Each account on the shard must only be used by its owner.  If we find out you are using accounts that aren't yours, you will be banned. 

Inactive Accounts

We will delete inactive accounts after a period of inactivity of 6 months unless we are contacted prior, or during, the period of inactivity with a valid reason we deem fit to keep the account. Permanently banned accounts will be deleted immediately. It should be noted that accounts with no characters will be treated the same but will come up for deletion after 1 month, rather than six.


There is a starting housing limit of 2 houses per account.  Additional house slots can be purchased in the Legends of Sosaria store.  Housing decay is currently around 3 months.  Houses blocking off pathways or in obtrusive areas can and WILL be deleted by staff.  Please do not block pathways or relevant areas with your houses.  There is TONS of free space on the server that you can utilize that does not intrude or block relevant areas.  Please be courteous.  Do not use the name of your house as an advertisement.  Naming your house things like '120 Archery Scroll for sale, PM me' is not acceptable.  We have a Marketplace channel on discord for such things, and a global chat.  Inappropriately named houses may be deleted at your expense.


We welcome players from everywhere!  That being said, we would appreciate it if in public chat and around the server in general if you could stick to speaking English only.  You're welcome to private message with a friend or speak to them privately in a private place such a house or guild house in whatever language you wish.  However, in a public setting please keep it to English only.

Spreading rumors about staff or the server

All of our staff are welcome to have player accounts.  Please keep in mind if, for any reason, you find out the identity of a staffer on their player toon, it is an offense to share that knowledge.  We will consider banning you for if you are intentionally spreading our identities around the server.  Best to avoid gathering such information.  Basically, let us enjoy the game too. Similarly, spreading negative rumors about the server itself could result in punishment up to, and including, banning. Keep in mind that all forms of communication within the game may be monitored.

Inappropriate Language/Behavior directed at Staff

This one should be a given, but if you are harassing or demeaning to staff in any way you will be banned. We spend too much time, and have put too much effort, into making LoS a place players would like to be to be assaulted verbally by irate players. This includes directly speaking to staff, or venting in any way in game. The staff can see all forms of communication within the game, so the best rule of thumb we can advise is don't speak at all if you're upset. If you disagree with something in game you're free to send in a suggestion, but ultimately decisions are made by Lilith and Kos.

Spam rules

We understand that World Chat is a convenient place to  advertise things you wish to sell, or call out that there is a champ.  Our chat menu remembers 50 messages of history that can be viewed at any time by anyone using it so we ask that you use discretion.  If your message is still visible in the 50 messages then there is no need to send it again.  Even if your advertisement has been bumped off the last 50 messages, we ask that you not repost it for at least one hour.  Regarding calling champs, we ask that it is announced only once.  If someone else has already done so, there is no need for it to be done again.


An exploit is any act that allows you to break or bend a rule. This is particularly important since our server is very new.  If you find a bug, an error, or something does not seem right to you, REPORT IT.  If we find that you are taking advantage of a bug or error, we may temporarily or permanently ban you.  The act of duping items on our server is strictly forbidden so if you suspect you have inadvertently duped something report it immediately.  Failure to do this will get you banned.

Heavy violations on account

As stated above, Lilith and Kos will decide whether or not we should temporarily or permanently ban you depending on the situation.  Ultimately, the decision is up to the two of us as it is our server.  If one of the two of us thinks you should be banned, you will be banned.  That being said, we are dedicated to running the server fairly.

Reporting Codex Violations

If you suspect another player of breaking a rule mentioned in the Codex, please put in a help ticket to let staff know.  Deciding whether a player is guilty, or not, is ultimately not the choice of a player.  For example, if you suspect another player of afk harvesting, it could just be that they're not interested in talking to you.

Player Disputes

Staff will make every attempt to not get involved in player disagreements. Everyone is here to enjoy themselves and we ask that players try to do so while being empathetic of everyone's feelings. While it would be impossible to expect there never to be issues, we ask that disagreements are kept out of public channels like World Chat and Discord where they could create unnecessary drama. We will do our best to keep these channels stress free. If staff ask you to take something to private messages, please do so.

Communicating Bugs & Issues

There are two means to report issues. One is to use the Help Menu to put in a page. The other is to use the Contact Us button on the home page of this site. These are the only ways to ensure staff will receive the information. Asking in World Chat or Discord will result, at best, with a reminder to use these channels. At worst the messages will not even be noticed.

Use [Vote in game to vote and gain up to  5  tokens every 24 to 25 hours