Legends of Sosaria
Player Applicatio

Legends of Sosaria is free to play, and no application is needed. Simply navigate to the Home Page in the menu above and click on the huge PLAY NOW button for installation instructions! 

We are preparing for a complete relaunch of LoS so playing immediately is not an option, but we encourage you to join our Discord Channel to ensure you don't miss the launch.

One Account Per Player

Attempting to aquire multiple accounts will result in the:

Banning of all associated IP's

and Deletion on all associated Accounts.

We play fair and expect you all to do the same.

Applications should be sent in English only please, but this form is a remnant of a time when we required it.

Again, there is no need to fill this out. Lol.

Thanks for submitting!

Please Download the Custom Client by Clicking Downloads above.

Further instructions have been sent to the provided email.

Be sure to check your spam folder!

If the provided email is not valid, the account will not be created.