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Wiki - Relics of Ter Mur

As players defeat spawn anywhere in Ter Mur they build a chance, based on their luck and the monster's fame, to have Lesser Relics of Ter Mur drop in their packs.  The Relics are suited for Gargoyles, who can't benefit much from the Treasures of Tokuno system.


The Lesser Relics may be traded to the Royal Relic Emissary who occupies a building South West of the Royal City.  When the Emissary has received ten Lesser Relics from a player he will allow that player to choose a Greater Relic as a reward.

A third tier of Relics of Ter Mur will soon be available as well.  Players will have the option of trading in ten Greater Relics to get one Major Relic.  Details on the Emissary's location will be shown here as soon as the system is made public.


All the Relics of Ter Mur may be previewed in the LoS Display area, which can be accessed under Custom Locations on the World Teleporter.