Troubleshooting Log-In

As more issues are reported and resolved, this page will give information on how to get logged in should issues arise.  We do not encourage, or take responsibility, for changes made to players computer settings but would like to compile the information into one place to ease the frustration.  Trust us, we get it.

UO Steam
Virtual Memory Issue
  1. Navigate C:\Program Files (x86)\Ultima Online Legends Of Sosaria\Steam in explorer.

  2. Right Click on UOS.exe and click on Properties.

  3. Select the Compatibility tab.

  4. Make sure the Run as Admin box is checked and set the file to run in Windows 95 mode.

  5. Click Apply and run the game. If this doesn't work, you can try running in other Windows modes.

  1. Open Windows Explorer

  2. Right Click "This PC"

  3. Click Properties

  4. Click "Advanced System Settings"

  5. Under the advanced tab click settings under Performance

  6. Click to Advanced Tab

  7. Under Virtual Memory click "change"

  8. Uncheck "automatically manage paging file size"

  9. Click custom size

  10. At the bottom where it says "recommended" there is a number.  Put that number in "initial size"

  11. Take the amount of Ram your computer has (In MB) and multiply that x 1.5 and put that number into "maximum size"

  12. click to apply the settings and restart your computer.

Use [Vote in game to vote and gain up to  5  tokens every 24 to 25 hours