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  • Fixed issues with spawn getting booted from instanced dungeons when dungeons are deleted (summoned grim reapers from Halloween event, summoned spawn from Jack the Pumpkin King, and summoned vampire bats from Sunless Citadel instanced dungeon)


  • Added support for custom maps for Treasure Maps, Vendor Search Maps, and crafted cartography maps.

  • Fixed an issue with one of the Nightmare Before Xmas quest rewards.

Patch Update:

  • Added candy cane staff for Winter Event.

  • Updated ClassicUO to the latest release.

  • Custom map labels


  • New seasonal event (The Nightmare Before Xmas) will start November 1st. It will run for the duration of November. This event combines some of the Treasure's of Sorcerer's Dungeon rewards/monsters with some custom items added in. Rewards are up and displayed in the Display Gates for viewing.

Patch Update:

  • Graphic updates.

  • Container update for Halloween reward box (added custom jack o lantern container)


  • Fixed (invisible) body value on viscera.

  • Cookie mix and cake mix are now stackable.

  • Fix BBQ Smoker not functioning as oven/heat source.

  • Fixed a bug causing player to end up in the black when trick or treating in custom facets.


  • Updated pack graphics for jewelry


  • Fixed body value on thrasher.

  • Fixed an issue causing masonry to not work with ancient carpentry hammer.

  • Added support for enhancing jewelry.

  • Due to a lack of shard growth, we have turned off auto account creation and donations as we will no longer be actively developing the shard. The shard will remain up for the foreseeable future.  However, if there is not enough growth we may reassess this in the future.  In the meantime, staff will not be putting much (if any) time into development and maintenance.  You are welcome to continue to play here, but keep in mind that pages/bug reports may not be answered quickly.  We will be continuing to do regular restarts. No further changes will be made on the shard unless a major issue pops up.


  • Added a cap to the range formula for throwing weapons. It will now cap at 18 regardless of the player's strength. The formula will still work as it did previously on the lower end.

  • Boss for Ocean champ has been changed to Neptune. Neptune will have similar abilities as the previous boss however his resistances will be lower to make him more capable of taking damage.

  • Fixed graphic on guaranteed spellbook improvement talisman.

  • Fixed map rules movement block on Felucca and Forsaken Isles.


  • Culverin cannons now have a lesser range and there is now an increased range on carronade cannons.

  • Per player suggestion, we have increased the radius on tracking skill. The radius is still skill based, however at 130 skill you will have double the tracking range.

  • Per player suggestion, the corrupted crystal location for Palace of Paroxysmus has been adjusted to drop the player closer to the entrance.

  • Adjusted the guard zone radius on Royal City to end closer to the moongate so the void spawn southeast of the town won't continue getting killed by guards.

  • Fixed an issue with peerless altars not allowing back to back runs.

  • Time boosts now have the option to reclaim for gold. See wiki for more details.



  • Per player suggestion we have made the remove durability deed also work on talismans.

  • Per player suggestion we have added orange petals and red leaves to Gardener's Trowel.

  • Increased max weight on cannons to allow them to hold large amounts of ammo.

  • Fixed an issue causing boats to not take damage from ship cannons.

  • Fixed an issue preventing ship cannons from doing damage to NPC Galleons after captain/crew dies.

  • Fixed a bug causing boat paint to not work on galleons. Boat paint now works properly on regular boats and galleons.

  • Added a new deed to adjust speed on boats/galleons. This item will be the donation bonus for the month of August.

  • Added new hues of boat paint. Rare hued paint will have a chance to drop in holds of pirate ships.

  • Extended types of ore, wood, and leather that drops in cargo holds of pirate ships to include custom materials.

  • Added pet powerscroll of choice to LoS Store.

  • Added new rewards to Huntmaster's Challenge reward list. Huntmaster's Challenge will run for the month of August. More info for this will be added to the wiki. Reward items are on display in the display gates area (in the seasonal events section).

  • Fixed an issue causing 4 stealables to spawn in the black. Coordinates have been moved to new locations.

  • Fixed a bug with Doom Gauntlet loot drops.

  • Fixed a bug causing Damage Bonus to no longer work on Quivers.

  • Fixed a bug causing increased karma loss to decrease karma loss instead of increase.


  • Fixed an issue with crafting with water source that caused a crash.

  • Updated crafting menus in blacksmithy and tailoring to contain the proper resources for operating ship cannons.


  • Added deed to remove splintering weapon attribute.

  • Fixed an issue with salvage bag not allowing to salvage materials higher than Tainted.

  • Fixed labels on crafted jewelry to read resource type.

  • Added line of sight check for grabbing BoDs from NPCs.

  • Fixed treasure map drops in Forsaken Isles and Abecedaria. If you received broken maps from these facets, please page and we will replace them.


  • Fixed animation on dagger belt and mace belt (used for new belts in Forsaken Isles).

  • Added a bunch of new artwork to use for Forsaken Isles.

  • Fixed animation on gargish kite shield and gargish wooden shield.

  • Map changes for first dungeon in development for Forsaken Isles.


  • Fixed issue with new Forsaken Isles artifacts not being able to be imbued.

  • Fixed map wrap on eastern side of Forsaken Isles map.

  • Fixed issue with Abyssal Infernal not dropping a skull.

  • Fixed an exploit regarding banking gold.

  • Finished updates on BoD gold tables. Large BoD's will now pay more depending on the number of smalls to fill it. These changes will make it so you can still make large amounts off bulk order deeds, however you will only make better gold filling larges which was the original intention/design.

  • Fixed an issue with repairing Hieroglyphic Tablet. It is now repairable with Masonry.


  • Fixed corpse graphic on blood elementals and carrion crawlers.


  • Gold shower at end of champ spawn has been increased.

  • Resolved an issue preventing back to back runs on peerless instances.

  • Fixed issues with lenses of invulnerability not calculating strength bonus. Existing ones have been replaced with functional versions.

  • Fixed issue with one of wendigo polymorphs being invisible.

  • Bribe has been enabled on bulk orders. You can bribe up from normal to exceptional if the BoD is able to be exceptional and you can increase the # from 10 to 15 to 20. You cannot however change the material type.

  • BoD Rewards have been equalized in Blacksmithy, Carpentry, Bowcraft & Tailoring to match gold tables in Tinkering.

  • Forsaken Isles is now open for beta testing. We will release dungeons one at a time, and add in quests at a later date. Everything there is subject to change as things progress.


  • Fixed an issue with pet potions causing whole stack to delete on use.

  • Pet dyes are now stackable.

  • Resolved issues with peerless master keys.

  • Added ethereal mount dye tub to the stone in the LoS Store. This one use dye tub will allow you to hue an ethereal back to ethereal hue.

  • Added support into color remover to work on ethereal mounts.

  • Added support to pet dyes to allow them to work on ethereal mounts.

  • Donation module has been re-automated and donate command will lead back to Paypal.

  • To resolve issues with the exit gates that spawn in the instanced dungeons right after you enter, you will now enter the dungeons that require a key in the same area that you used the dungeon portal. The ticket teleporters will be located right inside the entrance of the instanced dungeons to move you to the boss areas.

  • Spring quest spawn summoned when digging seeds will now delete after 3 hours to avoid the area becoming overspawned.


  • Update animations on Arctic armor set.

  • Update pack graphics on Arctic armor set.

  • Added pack graphics for new mounts


  • Added support for repairing all clothing items regardless of if they have durability so that when new artifacts with durability added, they don't get overlooked.

  • Fixed issues with using spirit speak skill directly.

  • Added new craft addons to Carpentry. These addons will require recipe scrolls dropping in Forsaken Isles when the facet opens.

  • Added a new armor set to Tailoring.

  • Added plant clippers to tool key.

Patch Notes:

  • Added missing frames to shark and whale shark animations to resolve the animations randomly disappearing.

  • New facet map updates.

  • New animations.

  • New artwork.

  • New gumps added for new armor set.


  • Removed elf only tag from woodland armor and a bunch of other armor pieces that were missed in initial removal.

  • Fixed an issue with Doom Gauntlet where the Dark Father was attacking his own spawn.

  • Added new spawn for new facet.


  • Resolved an issue with loyalty decaying on blessed pets.

  • Fixed an issue with Instance Dungeon maps having wrong map rules. They will now all be set to Trammel rules.

  • Instanced Dungeon season will now be set to the same as the server map seasons.

  • Fixed body value of Frost Mite.

  • Fixed body value of Corporeal Brume.

  • Fixed a bug causing crafting to continue on pumpkin carving and taming craft system without tool in backpack.

  • Fixed a typo in plants causing plants to die.

  • Fixed taming achievements with incorrect graphic.

  • Fixed an issue with some of the skill bonus gear being imbuable and some not. All bonus gear will now be able to be imbued.

  • Added new craftables into Carpentry and Masonry. These items will require recipes which will be available in the new facet when it is open.


  • Restored animation for the Great Ape. He is no longer a squirrel.

  • Added animations for Forsaken Isles.


  • Per player suggestion, we have added a command to pop up the veteran rewards gump while in game. [vetrewards

  • Updated recall rune hues. Recall runes marked in houses no longer have different hues than the facet hue for the rune. Added hues for runes marked in Abecedaria and Forsaken Isles (the custom facets).

  • Per player suggestion, we have added animal pheromones to adventurer's storage key. Also added Snake of Medusa, Stygian Dragon Head, Double Headed Coin, Egg Of Navrey, and Claw Of The Slasher to Jeweler's Key.

  • Fixed incorrect body value on dark wisps.

  • Fixed a bug where iron beetles were mining and leaving piles of ore laying around. They will now only mine when they are controlled.

  • Removed missed racial requirements for Hematophagy Artifacts and Sin Artifacts. They will now be able to be equipped by any race.

  • Removed Stygian Abyss artifacts we missed removing when gargoyles were removed.

  • Fixed an issue with mail gump causing top bottoms (P Q M S) to no longer function.

  • Added 4 new plants to Spring Quest Rewards list. Crown Of Thorns, Mini Cherry Tree, and Orchid plants available in 6 different hues.

  • Added 2 new piles of spring flower addons (small and large).


  • Fixed missing animation on Fur Cloak.

  • New equipment and animation for Forsaken Isles.


  • Plants planted with fertile dirt will now grow 2x as quickly as plants planted with regular dirt (previously only had a 10% chance of doubling during growth checks under or equal to stage 5).

  • Fixed typo on ginseng seed.

  • Fixed an urgent issue with ferret minions causing it to not properly delete gold after scavenging.



  • Treasure Hunter's Storage key now shows standard coordinates instead of sextant coordinates for SOS so that the sort feature for location works properly.

  • Fix tier 2 Relics of TerMur weapons. Please page if you have an old weapon you cannot trade in.

  • The Keep has been added back onto the house placement tool since the issue with it has been resolved.

  • Fixed a bug with relayer deed causing client crash on relayering spellbooks. It will be placed back on the stone shortly.


  • Added batch of new graphics for stuff under development.

  • New facet map updates


  • Resolved issues with the classic Keep. This fix will automatically update the existing houses to fix the lockdown functions.

  • Ferret minions now allow bank access via context menu option and speech banking options.

  • Updated speed on ferret minions



  • Spring quest trowel can no longer be used mounted. Added message on digging up seed of which type you are digging up.

  • Renamed spring quest artifacts that were previously gargoyle items.

  • The old stone keep has been removed from the house placement tool due to it being bugged (can't secure containers in most of it)

  • Removed gargoyle race option on player NPC's.

  • Fixed an issue with slashing paintings for Slashterpiece quest.

  • Fix spider figurine for spider slayer achievement and fix graphic on achievement menu.


  • Fix gump hue issue on spring quest reward apron.


  • Added a new custom pre-built house to house placement tool. This house is called "The Farmer's Estate" and was staff built. Picture was added onto the wiki and the house will be displayed in the house display gate area. This house is 33x33 with no foundation and a built in stable and usable garden.

  • Spring event begins at midnight shard time and will run for the duration of May & June. See wiki for more info.


  • New facet map (facet under development).'

  • Fixes to spring quest region.

  • New pre-built house


  • All champs (with the exceptions being Crafter, the New Player Champ, and the seasonal champs) will now drop skulls. The list of what champ drops which skull is listed on the wiki. Visit the Wiki.

  • Moved tabbard to waist slot.

  • Fixed incorrect body values on some of the abyss mini champ spawn in the Cavern of the Discarded.

  • Fixed incorrect body value on ToA death adders


  • Fixed an issue causing eaters to not work on talismans.

  • Fixed appearance on Ter Mur quest NPCs.

  • Fixed issue causing throwing unable to be trained on other races.

  • Race tags have been visibly removed from items. Some items still may have the race tag effectively in them, they will be removed as we find them. Please report any items you find that you can't equip because of racial restrictions (exception being the old gargish armor will still not work).


  • Gargoyle race will no longer be supported. This decision was made after an overwhelming vote from the players in support for this change. Gargoyle equipment slots will be used to add in new equipment in the future. Existing gargoyles will need to page to get a race change token. Imbuing racial bonus has been applied to humans.

  • Removed gargoyle only tag from gargoyle weapons. Throwing can now be used by other races, and throwing weapons will be equippable by other races.

Important note about old gargoyle weapons/armor:

  • We have removed the gargoyle weapons and armor from dropping as loot and from any custom systems. Gargish items have been updated to create items that are the equivalent item for other races, with the exception of wing armor, gargish apron, gargish sash, gargish belt, and gargish jewelry which will now all be equippable by humans. Since this is a complicated change with all existing items, most equipment will update automatically when it is equipped by another race. If you find something that needs fixed, please page. Weapons however are a different issue. Since changing the appearance of a weapon breaks the weapon abilities, old gargish weapons will be able to be equipped by other races, however the animations do not work properly. This is only a visual issue, the weapons otherwise will function properly. Eventually we will be replacing these graphics with new gumps/animations. If you have an existing weapon you are welcome to use it, but keep in mind we cannot fix the issues with the graphics.


  • Remove gargs.

  • Anniversary Robe fixes.


  • Fixed an issue with non-mounted speed.

  • TasteID has been replaced with Foraging skill. Foraging is a harvest skill that can be used on grass and dirt tiles. When you succeed at foraging, you have a chance to find reagent seeds, farming crop seeds, and some other various resources (full list and skill req will be available on the wiki). You will need a trowel to harvest which is craftable with tinkering. Please note if you do not patch your client will crash when you attempt to use TasteID as it is no longer an active skill.

  • Fixed an issue with runic tools checking base skill instead of skill value.

  • To prevent item loss with organizers/assist program features dropping items on corpses you can no longer drop items into corpse containers.

  • Added an option to clear trash bag in context menu options (option will only appear when there are items inside of the trash bag).

  • Fixes to Relayer Deed. We are nearing completion of testing and these will be released soon.


  • Updated skills list in Razor and in client files.


  • Per player suggestion, personal world teleporters can now be secured in a house. 

  • Tomb of Adramus, Stygian Dragon, and Medusa have all been updated to Instanced Dungeons.

  • Added fried eggs to chef's key.

  • Resolved issue causing Master Chef's Apron exceptional chance to not count into crafting.

  • Ore elemental animation has been moved to hopefully resolve issues with the animation.

  • Added relayer deed. More info available on the wiki..

  • Gumps for Appearance Change deed and Pet Appearance Change deed have been redone. Appearance change deeds can now work on talismans.

  • The [mystats gump has been updated to read overcapped properties. The caps on each property are now shown behind it so players can easily tell what the caps on properties are. Inherent lower mana cost from armor will now show in the cap as well. HCI cap will show properly depending on your race. DCI cap will also show real cap based on your armor.​


  • Animation fix

  • Added new items in

  • Misc fixes


  • Fixed issues with Nature Lore causing client crash.

  • Begging skill train will no longer be stopped by negative karma.

  • Updated quest locations for Easter event.

  • Ore & Wood elementals in Rock Dungeon can no longer spawn as paragons.

  • Any kind of cloth pants will now go into the same slot as kilts to give more appearance options in that clothing slot.

Patch Update:

  • Added new equippable item for monthly donation bonus.

  • Clothing layer for pants.


  • Fixed issues with Dark Mother in Doom Gauntlet.

  • Res locations are now available in each room in the Instanced Dungeons that have locked gates.

  • Removed the block on shared IP address for PVP Arenas


  • Doom Gauntlet revamp is live. See wiki for more details. Please note, these changes are still in beta and adjustments/fixes may be made as necessary.


  • Fixed a bug with special scroll books counting each scroll in them as an item and not allowing characters to pick them up.

  • Resolved issues with seasonal event dungeon lockouts and ticket teleporters. Seasonal events with Instanced Dungeons for boss fights will no longer have a cooldown timer on the quest itself. The timer on the quests will be on the instanced dungeon instead. When entering the instance, you will be placed in a room where you will step over a teleporter that will take your ticket to enter the boss fight.

  • Fixed a bug causing racial ability books from re-deeded Player owned NPCs to get stuck in the player's backpack. Player owned NPC's will no longer have racial ability books.

  • Brutal Plague Quest & Sinful Encounter Quest Bosses will now each have their own chance to drop an artifact. Ankhs have been added to spawn in the instanced dungeons to make completion of the instances easier.

  • Fixed issue with prospecting not allowing targeting of mountain rock tiles.

  • Fixed issue with Item Recolor Tubs not saving as additional bonus item on donation module.

  • Fixed an issue with Greater Relics of TerMur not reading proper number of items a player has turned in.

  • Doom Gauntlet will be temporarily closed until the next restart due to updates in progress of converting the system, adding in the new artifacts, & setting up the new map area.


  • Chop option is now available on carpentry craft menu. This can be used to chop wooden furniture, wooden containers, wooden weapons and armor. This will yield more wood return than using a salvage bag, in the same manner that resmelt yields more than salvaging.

  • Moved prospecting skill in powerscroll book to trade skills.

  • Cursed oilstone and quartz grit will now drop off primordial elementals and molten earth elementals.

  • Nature Lore will now allow you to study trees to find the harvest resource.

  • Fixed a bug causing lockable containers crafted with carpentry to not register as player crafted.

  • Garden addons from farming BoD rewards have been combined to one type of gardening addon in order for us to optimize and fix bugs in the system. Additional options may be added in the future, but for now there are 2 choices of direction for the basic garden addon.

  • Fixed a bug where crops would be left behind when garden addons were chopped. When you chop your garden addon to redeed, crops will be destroyed.

  • Fixed an issue causing karma to autolock when it went negative from positive.

  • Many shrink graphics of creatures have been updated. We will be slowly updating these in batches.

  • St Patty's Event is live for the month of March.

  • Updated graphic on personal world teleporters.


  • Updated Razor build to include Mysticism, Throwing & Imbuing skills.

  • Shrink graphic updates



  • Removed hunger and thirst system. Vampires 5% chance to fill thirst on kills has been replaced with a 5% chance to apply a mortal bite to their victims (works in same manner as mortal strike).

  • Herding skill will now allow players to mount creatures without taming by using a rope on the creature. Since the creature will not be controlled or tamed, you will not use a follower slot to ride them. Your herding skill will need to exceed or equal the creatures minimum tame skill to ride it.

  • Rope is now craftable with 30 taming skill, the taming craft system and 25 wool.

  • Snooping skill has been replaced with Prospecting. This skill will allow you to examine a mining location to determine what type of ore can be mined there.

  • Added a new effect into mining and changed the ore graphic. Ore will now only use 1 graphic instead of multiple.

  • Fixed a bug causing cleric pets to not go free when karma goes negative.

  • Karma lock will now prevent karma from being raised or lowered.

  • Fixed an issue with mobile forges not properly allowing crafting from being in player's backpack. They will now properly allow you to craft as long as you are in range of an anvil.


  • Skill updates

  • Ore graphic updates



  • We have made a couple quality of life changes for players to hopefully help with longevity and players who want to casually play. We removed the age tag on the Abecedarian Armor and will no longer be deleting accounts.

  • Fixed cosmetic issues on reward gumps.

  • Added 3 new special dye tubs. Item, Pet, and Skin Recolor Tubs. These will allow you to pick any hue from a gump to dye any item, your pet, or your skin hue.

  • Shimmering Effusion, Travesty, Dreadhorn, Wendigo have all been switched to Instanced Dungeons.

  • Players will now receive 1 Item Recolor Tub per $10 donation in addition to normal rewards.


  • Vday quest location has been updated. Quest grove and bounce location for instancing have been updated to reflect these changes.

  • Resolved issues with speed of respawn on vday quest items.

  • Paroxysmus, Lady Melisande, and Monstrous Interred Grizzle have been updated to instanced dungeons. You will enter the instances to access the altars after you finish gathering keys. The dungeon portals will be located where the altars previously sat.


  • Fixed a bug where Dungeon Portals were not checking for player's range for double click. You will now need to be on top of the gate to double click it to enter.

  • Added separate dungeon portals for consuming tickets to enter quest instanced dungeons. These will display the required ticket on hover over the gate. These have been added to avoid issues with players getting stuck in transition of completing the first parts of the quest and moving onto the boss before the instance lockout is up. The instance lockout was also dropped down to 1 hour.


  • Casting will no longer be interrupted by movement

  • Fixed an issue with turning in bulk order deeds that caused points to be divided by 10 if you changed your mind about spending the points immediately.

  • Valentine's Event is now live. It will run for the duration of the month

  • Fixed a crash issue from xmlspawners


  • Updated Razor to fix all missing weapon abilities on weapons post AOS/fix any incorrect ones


  • Fix on issue with mobiles disappearing/reappearing. We are hopeful that this has been resolved, but please let us know if you see any issues with it popping up.


  • Preparation for Valentine's Event has been completed. The event will turn on automatically on February 1st and run for the duration of the month.

  • Gates for the dungeons for Sinful Encounter Quest and Brutal Plague Quest will now have a longer delay before closing/locking the player out.

  • Harrower instancing fixes have been completed. The star room is now instanced instead of the Harrower. You will enter the instanced star room either through the TK moongate or through the gates that open at the end of champ spawns. You will need to be partied to enter the same instance! You will then proceed to use the skulls on the platform as per normal, and the moongate to your harrower will remain open so long as your harrower is alive. If you leave the instance gate, you will end up back in TK and can re-enter the star room instance and use the moongate on the platform so long as your harrower remains alive. Nobody else will be able to enter your instance unless you were partied. There will be no longer be a delay on being able to do back to back runs on the Harrower.


  • Page system has been updated with relevant info and links for our shard

  • Fixed a bug allowing some storage keys to work from outside your pack

  • Seasonal quest bosses have now all been switched over to Instanced Dungeons. Boss quest items will now drop directly to the player's backpack instead of on the boss corpse.

  • Camping skill has been replaced with Nature Lore. Further implementation of this skill will occur at a later date. However, the skill will now be trained differently and we have updated the skill training guide to reflect the changes.


  • Map fixes

  • Camping skill has been changed into Nature Lore.

  • Razor has also been patched for skill changes.

  • Clothing and map updates for upcoming Wonderland event.


  • Fixed bug where ointment for the acid river in Palace of Paroxysmus was not protecting from damage

  • Fixed a bug where time boosts weren't taking the correct amount of time on use to reduce cooldown on seasonal quests

  • Fixed a bug causing powerscroll books to count all of the scrolls in the book as items in your pack

  • Fixed a bug causing your character to lag out in vampire bat form


  • Slasher of Veils will now get weakened if he is taken into the Chamber of Virtue

  • Fixed an issue with Pandora's Gift Box


  • Harrower instancing has been changed over to the instanced dungeons. The gate will still open from the platform in the star room and open as per the usual method (using the platform). This will allow multiple Harrowers to be fought at once instead of only having one summon out at a time.

  • Arcane circle no longer checks for skill difference between the participating players on cast. This means a player with 0 skill can cast with a player with GM or higher skill with no issues. This change was made per player suggestion to allow spellweaving to be more accessible to players with the shard being small.

  • Fix bodyvalue on Ilhenir the Stained.

  • Fixed decorated Holiday Tree in winter event rewards. Existing ones will be replaced.

  • Added white version of holiday tree into winter event rewards.

  • Added white tree with pinecones into winter event rewards.


  • The Naughty List quest instancing has been updated to be in line with the other instanced dungeons. All of the old peerless will be updated in the coming weeks as well.

  • Fixed an exploit causing crafted weapons to sell for much more gold than intended.


  • Added new cave opening graphics to blend with our mountain textures



  • Resolved issues with the harvest system that were causing lumberjacking and mining to not work.

  • Added a message on attempting to tame champion spawn creatures to say that champ creatures cannot be tamed.

  • Dire bears will now drop spined leather, per player suggestion.

  • Extended skill req for Vengeful Spirit for vampires to train Necromancy to 130 skill

  • Added new staircase and pond addons. These will be added to the display in Pomona's Farmer Market and for sale.


  • Updated plant graphics.

  • Per player suggestion, we removed edging outside of walls in Tomb of Kings dungeon so that spawn won't keep spawning outside of the walls.

  • Fixed snowy areas in Abecedaria on top of mountains so spawn cannot land there.

  • Fixed issues with New Beginning's docks.



  • Added eaters, resonance, and casting focus to [mystats and listed caps with regens. Changed kills to luck since kills is no longer relevant. -

  • Salvage bag will now give boards instead of logs

  • Ships will now work on translucent water tiles

  • Fishing/gold panning now works on translucent tiles

  • Winter event is now live! It will be active for the month of December

  • Per player suggestion, the winter event quest items are now all stackable


  • Updated splash effects for fishing


  • Added minion of scelestus to demon slayer list

  • Fixed a bug affecting player backpack weight causing them to be over weighted


  • Resolved issues with character creation

  • Fixed issues with the block on Relics of Ter Mur and Treasures of Tokuno in the champion spawn region.

  • Fixed issue with unwieldly jewelry dropping with the wrong weight.



  • New Magincia stalls and house raffle spots have been deleted. The map has also been edited to remove these to allow space to lay out houses.

  • Adjusted loot packs on spawn in Wrong dungeon per player suggestion.

  • Replaced Personal Trainers in the Training Room with Training Dummies to resolve the ongoing issue with Shields in the area and allow players to train to GM combat without their equipment getting damaged.

  • With above changes, pets are now allowed in training area again and the region block for pets was removed. We will be extending the guard zone to include the training room as well.

  • Fixed a bug with gold panning system having static veins.

  • Fixed incorrect body value on plague spawn (for earth elemental body)

  • Fixed issue with hammer of Hephaestus giving skill bonus instead of skill add.

  • PVP has been disabled in Felucca 

  • Champ spawns now give a power scroll to each eligible player (with a minimum of 6 scrolls being given out).

  • Harrower will now give a stat scroll to each eligible player.

  • Added wooden lockable containers to list to be able to salvage with salvage bag

  • Fixed a bug not allowing repeating of the New Player Quest

  • Added [myboats command. Works the same as [myhouses but for boats.

Patch Notes:

  • Map fixes to Trammel map (fixed issue with broken map near Yew after last map patch)

  • Finished snow edging textures and transition tiles to dirt

  • Removed stall plots from Magincia map

  • New potted tree & plant graphics

  • Updated candelabra graphics (tall and short) and candles

  • Translucent waterfalls and animated water graphics to match water in Abecedaria


  • Fixed issue with powerscroll books showing 0/0

  • Fixed exploit with charity boxes

  • New Haven has been removed. Haven Island map will now be a duplicate of the Felucca version. We will be wiping the area and spawning NPC's in all of the buildings, so the area will be closed while we do so.

  • Our custom facet Abecedaria is now open. The town New Beginnings in Abecedaria is replacing New Haven. All quest NPCs have been moved there and redone accordingly. We have made adjustments on the quest rewards for these quests and they are listed on the wiki here

  • New players will now start in the center of New Beginnings. The training room has been moved there as well as the entrance to the New Player Dungeon.

  • -Spawn at champs no longer have loot. Other changes we had previously announced are forthcoming.


  • Map changes to New Haven

  • Map changes for Abecedaria

  • New floor tiles and art work for new facet

  • Moved maps for omniporter to a larger section to make room for new facet maps

  • CUO is now being distributed through the patcher to give an option to players to run directly through our launcher to make sure they keep their files patched up to date, as well as provide the proper edits on the settings.json in CUO to be able to add in custom maps to the client.



  • Fixed issues with New Haven region (and any other regions being affected by this bug). Skill enhancement for quests in this region will now work.

  • Fix horde minion body value (they were invisible)

  • We have decided to disable the death announcements by player request to help prevent jumping in on champs when the boss is spawned.

  • Fixed fountain of fortune


  • New player facet map has been added for us to start developing quests and spawning the region in preparation for transferring the starting location.


  • Fixed crash issue with changes to gold shower

  • Vote token limit per day is now based on a per account instead of per character

  • Fixed an issue with a target being left after using [bandself

  • Fix shrink graphic for beetles

  • Champ spawns are now on a ranged timer instead of a predictable timer to give everyone a fair chance at finding the champs active


  • Added [band command

  • Soulbound gold is now by account instead of by character to prevent issues with sharing bags with other characters on the same account

  • Valor speed gain has been increased. You can still only use the valor once per 24 hours on your character, however you will now gain it back much quicker to make it easier for new players to gain enough to use it every day

  • Hair restyling deed has been fixed to apply appropriate hair change options per races, including gargoyles

  • Fixed inconsistency issues with shrinking pets that was causing some pets to shrink to a ball and some to the statues

  • Bulk order deeds should no longer give normal BoDs for >= 70 skill


  • Quest items no longer need to be in your main backpack to be toggled. You can now toggle quest items from any bag in your pack

  • Earrings now drop as loot and are now imbuable

  • Enhancing has been re-enabled for the custom materials. We have added a page onto the wiki with information about this.

  • Added checks into Remove Jewelry Durability Deed to make sure the item is not antique or brittle and is in full repair before using the deed (to prevent the jewelry from breaking)

  • Fix black dye tub color to a true black

  • Adjusted range on Tomb of Kings chamber spawners to prevent spawn from spawning outside the walls

  • Fixed body value on summoned earth elementals

  • Redid vet reward gump to make text readable


  • Update animations on hakama shita, elven robe (male and female)

  • Fixed trogdolyte/lurg animation (replaced old animation with new one, old anim didn't allowed you to target it)



  • Fixed spellweaving summon incorrect body values

  • Fixed slime and giant snake body values on animal form

  • Fixed issue with Discord integration causing level context menu option to disappear

  • Fix name missing from Dungeon Fountain Deed

  • Log in/log out messages will now go to Pulse in Discord to keep the global chat section without the spam


  • Two dungeon levels were added to Abecedaria (New Player Dungeon). We will be spawning these and linking them to the dungeon to help solve the lack of spawn when a lot of players are in the dungeon at once.

  • Various incorrect corpse fixes

  • Changed tree stumps, stack of boards, and fire pit graphics


  • Discord has been reintegrated with in game to share items/update shard status/etc

  • New player quest now rewards one random piece of gear per quest run in the reward bag. The bosses no longer drop a gear piece. This means you always will get one, but can't get more than one on a quest run. You will also now fight all 4 bosses in the second part of the quest instead of in individual sections.


  • Lumberjack axes and fishing poles no longer need to be equipped to harvest. This change was made to make it match the mining system.

  • Pen of Wisdom no longer consumes recall runes and scrolls to copy runebooks. You now only need the source runebook and the runebook to copy into to use.

  • The quest issue that had crashed us a few days ago has been fixed


  • Oven graphic has been resized so it no longer goes through the floor

  • Replaced water trough graphic

  • Overhaul on redo of texture/landtiles



  • Fixed issues with pet commands

  • Fixed mule hue

  • Using an instrument now will use a spellcasting animation

  • New accounts will now get a free loot bag and a skill codex with 10 charges on their first character as a promotion to draw in more new players while we grow our economy

  • Fixed an issue causing a client kick when accepting quest from escortable mages

  • Capybaras have been spawned in place of the old griffins. They are a mount (animation will be adjusted in an upcoming patch to re-align the mounted animation)


  • Fixed corpse graphic on efreet and snow elementals

  • Per player suggestion, medium crate graphic has been reduced by 20%

  • Re-positioned war boar, eowmu, tiger for mounts


  • Fixed a map issue at Treasure Isle with a spot near the bridge not allowing you to leave the water if you fell in

  • We are slowly redoing the water on the Felucca map. Part of shame dungeon rivers have been redone

  • Per player suggestion the newb champ first tier has been adjusted. Slimes have been changed to giant rats to make it more newb friendly (because of the slimes acid damaging equipment)

  • Fixed wrong body value on player zombies



  • Fixed issue with renaming runebooks & pets

  • Fixed issue with damage numbers not appearing above your head

  • Fixed an issue with vendors not dropping from Magincia stalls when accounts are deleted

  • Fixed an issue with timers not reading properly on decaying quest items

  • Added dolphins

  • Fixed horse graphic on buy menu for animal trainer

  • Fixed incorrect body value on 2 Halloween costumes. Added 5 new costume options

  • Fixed graphics of creatures on a few taming bods that needed updated


  • Overhaul of house customization menu. Replaced numerous walls and reorganized.

  • Changed ophidian graphics

  • Fixed issue with old spellbook gumps showing on female toons instead of the new ones


  • Halloween Event is now active. Please note there may still be some issues with the Halloween costumes which we will look into fixing for the next restart

  • Ferrets and squirrels are now being spawned. They are tamable as well

  • Fixed wrong body value on blood spawn (one of the spawn in khaldun champ)


  • The start of the wall set updates have been added in. I will continue adding them in as I finish creating the artwork for them

  • New cave rocks were added to replace the old ones

  • Patched in a couple files missing from the last patch to make some of the new animations appear properly



  • Fixed incorrect body values on Shame spawn

  • Fixed incorrect body values on Polymorph and Animal Form

  • Added ferrets and squirrels

  • Changed New Player Mage quest to reward a full spell book in place of ember staff

  • Fixed mule to be a horse animation instead of a unicorn

  • Fixed body value on scarabs in Tomb of Adramus champ

  • Fixed body value on Bacchus in gravedigging

  • Fixed ethereal warrior body value


  • Added ferret and squirrel animations

  • Added dolphin and new sea animations for development of a new area




  • Fixed major animation issues with plague beast and grizzled mare animations

  • Fixed animation issues with corpses falling too low on a bunch of animations


  • Re-enabled pets shrinking to statue

  • Added a one use version of the ethereal retouching tool to add to the LoS Store. This tool will be usable by those who don't have account age to get the ethereal retouching tool. It will switch your mount between transparent and normal hue only

  • Fixed wrong body value on clan chitter assistants

  • Fixed body value on Fan Dancers

  • Updated logs, boards, vote tokens and ingots to say ingot/log/board/vote token when only 1 and logs/ingots/boards/vote tokens when multiple

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed shrink graphics for all creatures for us to re-enable shrinking to pet statue

  • Patched in map changes to an area we are developing


Patch Notes

  • Finished redo of forge graphics

  • Finished redo of gold pile graphics/single piece gold

  • Re-did a bunch of the trees to separate foliage from the stumps so the foliage will disappear when you move behind them


  • Per player suggestions, salvage bag will now salvage carpentry items. Craft menu option to chop to be added at a later date.

Patch Notes:

  • Update to grass texture, added new textures for future worldbuilding

  • Added new clilocs for salvaging wood



Patch Notes:

  • Finished redo of reagent graphics

  • Redid all spellbook pack, equip, and gump graphics



  • Fixed issue with vendors causing inability to set prices or set items not for sale

  • Fixed ratman mage, ratman archer, frost spider, gorilla, and all of the yomotsu spawn body values

  • Shrink graphic on pets has been changed to a crystal ball

  • The [Powerhour command has been enabled. Timeboost may be used to reduce the cooldown. Power Hour Wiki.

Patch Notes:

  • New crystal ball graphic

  • New log/log pile graphics

  • New gold coin/coin pile graphics

  • New potion/empty bottle graphics

  • New scroll/blank scroll graphics

  • New map graphics

  • Replaced backpack and bag pack graphics

  • Finished replacing weapon ability icons

  • Fixed issue with whipping vine animation missing walk frames

  • Fixed issue with snow leopards not having a corpse