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  • Added ability to check status of your chicken coop on double click. Opening your coop will display a gump displaying if your chickens are unhappy or happy, and how many chickens are in the coop.

  • New seasonal deco items (this will not effect any old/existing items) that are able to be flipped will be able to on double click.


  • Graphics for chicken coop UI.


  • Adjusted drop rates on pet power scrolls.

  • Added new farming seeds to foraging.

  • Added bush berries to keys.

  • Added cake mix, cookie mix, cupcake mix, dough, pie dough, sack flour, sweet dough, yeast dough to chef's key and gourmet chef's key.

  • Fixed cocoa butter and cocoa liquor to account for exceptional/non-exceptional. Note: Exceptional items will go into gourmet chef's key and normal will go into chef's key.


  • Fixed a bug causing bubble effect to happen outside of Forsaken Isles underwater region.

  • Fixed accidental removal of raw lamb leg from chef's keys.

  • Added new crop seeds purchasable from Farmers.

  • Added new crops to Farming Bulk Orders.

  • Added new fruit bushes to Pomona's Farms (Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry).

  • Added 3 new trees to Pomona's Farms (Fig, Orange, Cherry)

  • Added new seeds and crops to gardener's key.


  • Map patch for Pomona's Farms to make room for new harvestable trees.

  • Fruit bush graphic added.

  • New crop graphics


  • Added diving system. More info on this will be added to the wiki. This system is still in development (there are a few issues to fix before release). Diving will currently only be available in Forsaken Isles.

  • Added new ore/granite. This ore/granite will be the highest end material and will only be found when mining while diving.

  • Added scuba mask. This will be required to wear so that the player does not drown while diving.

  • Fixed an issue with galleons missing components and causing holes in the galleons.

  • Respawned pirate ships in Forsaken Isles after resolving galleon issues.

  • Added chicken coops. These will store chickens. If you your coop contains hay and water, your chickens will lay eggs. These hold a max of 8 chickens and 50 eggs. Info on these will be added to the wiki page. Please make sure you are patched before you use a coop. We have patched in new context menu options to make these work.

  • Finished developing the first questline in Forsaken Isles. This quest is called "The Curse of the Coans". It is repeatable once every 24 hours. We will not be sharing info on how to get through this dungeon. The challenge and fun of this questline will be figuring out how to advance through this dungeon.

  • Cooking revamp. Added new gourmet cooking system. This system has much more detailed recipes/ingredients. This crafting system will also use the cooking skill. Currently, there are appetizers, main courses, and desserts available to make. There will be preserves and beverages added at a later date.

  • Added new meats to purchase from butcher.

  • The 'butter churn' from the farming BoD rewards will now be a functional item that can be used to make butter, cream cheese, heavy cream, and ice cream/popsicles.

  • Added ice cubes. These will come from breaking glaciers around Icehelm in Forsaken Isles.

  • Added gourmet chef's key. This will store ingredients for the gourmet cooking system.

  • Added spice trader. You can find the spice trader at the Farmer's Market in Pomona Farms with the other market vendors.

  • Added chance of fishing up an oyster as a bonus resource while fishing.

  • Added oysters to shellfish key.


  • Added scuba mask graphic for diving.

  • Added new context menu options -Added new clilocs for gourmet cooking


  • Matches are now consumed upon each fire of a cannon.

  • Appearance change deeds now work on quivers.

  • Fixed an issue with coagulated legs not dropping off corrosive slimes.

  • A new custom quest is currently under development for a new dungeon in Forsaken Isles. The questline will be called "The Curse of the Coans".


  • There is now a small chance of blunder cannons dropping in galleon holds.

  • Added a message on clicking the tattered pirate map (for seasonal event) to make it more intuitive that the map must be used in Felucca.

  • Fixed market cart addons.

  • Removed old powder charge from tailoring crafting menu.

  • Removed old light and heavy powder charge and light and heavy cannonballs from dropping in galleon holds as these ammo no longer will work in the cannons.

  • Ships can now be repaired anywhere and emergency repairs have been removed.

  • Fixed an issue with server time reading incorrectly. Server time is now back to UTC.


  • Finishing adjustments on the Treasure Hunt seasonal event (starts on July 1st).4

  • Resolved an issue with some achievements getting cut off in the achievement menu.

  • Added new quest achievements for the Treasure Hunt seasonal event. 30 runs of the event will reward the talisman.

  • Forsaken Isles will now spawn pirate ships.


  • Fixed shrink graphic on unicorn.

  • Development on the Treasure Hunt seasonal event are complete and the event is now in testing in preparations for its launch next month.


  • Fixed issue with new SOS chest graphic being deleted when chest is too full to fit in pack. Chests will now properly drop at feet as per previous functionality.


  • Fixed Login rewards not resetting after completion of all 30 days.


  • Cure, Poison, Strength, and Heal Sprinklers will now work on beehives as well as plants.

  • Added agility sprinkler for beehives.

  • Fixed an issue with starter house not allowing lockdowns.

  • Added small cobbled house to house placement tool.

  • Added in ocean regions in Forsaken Isles. This feature is in beta testing. Your ship (and the player operating the ship) will both take damage inside of these water regions. More information will be available on the wiki, along with a map showing the different regions. Please note, you will not be allowed to lay out your boat within one of these regions. You can however, sail through the regions (though it will be very difficult to do so without the fortifications on your ship). There will be 3 levels of regions. The lowest level will represent a stormy/windy area that will do mild damage to the player and their ship. Level 2 will be a region with sirens, and will do mid level damage to the player and ship. Level 3 will be a glacial region, and will do heavy damage to the player and ship. There will be three different levels of fortification available to add onto your galleons. These will be available as a reward in upcoming quests. These fortifications will not be able to be used on regular boats.

  • Added Coan tribe NPC's and Coan Chief for a quest under development for Forsaken Isles.

  • Blocked the ability to level items that have uses to prevent weapon loss.


  • Cliloc for starter house.

  • Added clilocs for ship fortification (Unfortified, durable, resilient, icebreaker).

  • More map updates for Forsaken Isles upcoming quest content -Special sound effects for ships for Forsaken Isle water regions.




  • Map updates for dungeon development for Forsaken Isles.


  • Updated achievement gump.

  • Resolved issues with skill gain achievements. Skill gain achievements are no long cumulative.

  • Fixed an issue with cellar deed missing selection button on style list.

  • Changed small house style for starting player houses.

  • (Player Suggestion) Increased drop rate of toxic venom sacs on Toxic Slith.

  • Fixed body value of Enraged Earth Elemental.


  • Fix to ability to hue crate/wooden box graphics.

  • Added small cobbled house.



  • There is now a chance to forage bamboo in Tokuno as a bonus resource.

  • Updated Easter Quest. There will now be a boss battle added in addition to egg gathering for the easter quest. The Easter Quest egg hunt area has also been moved.

  • You can now craft full spellbooks. Crafting will consume the scrolls from your pack first, and if the scrolls are not in your pack, it will consume the scrolls from your keys.

  • You can now customize your house even if you have rented out vendors in the house.


  • Updated craft achievements. Each craft system now has achievements for crafting any item from each type of craft menu on the list. Achievements wiki has been updated for the information on the rewards for these new achievements.


  • Fixed body value on Jezebel Locke.

  • Fixed corpse graphic on acid elementals.


  • Fixed grape cart & harvest cart addon graphics.

  • Updated range on pike, pitchfork and bladed staff to 2.

  • Updated slayer list to include new spawn from Forsaken Isles (and some spawn we previously missed).

  • You can now view other players achievements. Use [ach to check other players achievements and [myach to check your own.

  • Added auto loom. This house addon will automatically convert all of the flax, cotton, and wool in your pack to cloth. Usable once every 24 hours.


  • Graphic fix on auto loom.


  • Added new effects for mining and lumberjacking.

  • Fixed an issue with gravedigger's shovel not going into tool keys. They were converted to a tool so they can be properly added. Old versions were deleted and any players who had charges of them will receive replacements of the new versions.

  • Changed graphic for treasure map chests and SOS chests.

  • You can now equip shovels.

  • Added whips. These will be available through upcoming Forsaken Isles content.

  • Lance, Scythe, Spear, Halberd and Bardiche now have a range of 2.


  • A large patch update was put through for new graphics.

  • Updated sounds.

  • Patched support in chairs and containers files for custom chairs & containers


  • St Patty's Event is live! See wiki for more details.

  • Fixed ethereal voyage not properly restoring body value after spell wears off. Changed body value on ethereal voyage. 

  • Fixed body value on angelic faith spell.

  • Fixed an issue with the titles menu and name changes. Name changes (via name change deed or a disguise) will now clear off any karma title set through the titles menu (other than the default title) so that the paperdoll will update with the name change.

  • Updated gem/mining cart graphics. These addons will need to be chopped/laid out again to reset them if you already have them laid out in your home.

  • All spawn in Forsaken Isles will receive a damage bump, including animals. This will only apply to wild creatures and not controlled/tamed/summoned creatures.

  • Added a boss for the Easter event.

  • Fixed graphics for pot of gold and irish stew addons.

  • The luck dragon has been adjusted and now will do more damage the luckier the opponent they are fighting is.

  • Fixed an issue with nixies being unable to swim.

  • Finished incorporating the new spell effect duration property and condition duration property. These properties will be available on upcoming gear. 

  • The patcher has been updated with a fixed Discord link. Please note, if you relocated where the patcher patches your client you may need to do so again.


  • Graphic Updates.


  • Fixed an issue with skills codex not dropping on character creation for the first character on the account for new players.

  • Removed cap on healing amount for close wounds spell.

  • Added new properties "Healing Power", "Mystical Healing Power", "Spell Condition Duration", and "Spell Effect Duration". These properties will cap at 100%. These properties will be incorporated into Forsaken Isles as we add in new quests/rewards. Healing Power will apply a multiplier on the amount healed with bandages and spells. Spell Effect Duration will apply a multiplier on debuff duration from spells. Spell Condition Duration will apply a multiplier on buff duration from spells. These properties will not be immediately available. We are just adding in the framework for them for us to add into new items.


  • Change massive str requirement from 125 to 225.

  • Removed lower stat requirements off level options.

  • Removed lower stat requirements from counting as an imbuing property.

  • Fixed tooltip not refreshing properly on mining/gem cart.


  • Fixed an issue with the Demon King damage.

  • Similar to the functionality of the bulk order books, you can now place power scroll books, transcendence books, and alacrity books on player vendors as not for sale to have priced scrolls for sale inside them. Please keep in mind that these will not appear on vendor search. If you decide to use this feature, you are sacrificing the ability for them to show on vendor search.

  • Added fishing poles and gravediggers shovel to tool keys. Keep in mind this will remove the adds from runic fishing poles. If you want to protect your fishing pole from being pulled into keys, use the [keyguard command.

  • Fixed incorrect graphic on frog statue from Swamp Fishing rewards.

  • Fixed tropical bird body value.

  • Added new spawn to Forsaken Isles (Tree Pythons, Spectral Trolls, Lightning Golems, Hangman Trees, Forest Landwyrms, Dire Horses).

  • Added ridable polar bears, ridable panda bears, and ridable dire bears.

  • Added elephants to Isle of Eacotura.

  • Fixed Lacey's spawn location.

  • Fixed a bug with pet power scroll of choice (105-130) in the LoS Store creating the wrong skill value once you select the skill.

  • Added new version of Scroll of Alacrity books. These have replaced the previous version on the inscription menu. Note: new spawn will be spawned in the next couple of days


  • Horses will now spawn in 4 body values. Updated 0 slot ethereal horses on LoS Store Stone to have one available for each body value.

  • Changed body value on snow elementals and frost spiders.

  • Valentine's Event is live for the month of February. See wiki for more details.

  • You can now add power scrolls to the new books when they are locked down.


  • Updated ClassicUO version to current


  • Removed young status for new players to avoid confusion with restrictions on New Player Dungeon.

  • List of hues for furniture, metallic, and leather dye tubs have been redone.

  • Added metallic dye tub, white cloth dye tub, and white leather dye tubs to vet rewards list.

  • Fixed an issue with furniture tub causing it to no longer properly work on furniture.

  • Magery quest for a full spellbook will now require training to 60 skill to complete. We made this change due to a lot of players started with 50 skill and not being able to take the quest.

  • Added achievements section for collectibles. We will be incorporating new collectibles into this as we develop them.

  • Added framework for vanity pets. These pets will be immortal pets that do not need to be fed. They are decorative only and do not function the same as regular pets. You can only have 1 out at a time and they do not count toward regular pet slots.

  • Replaced power scroll books with a version similar to the pet power scroll book. The old books will not be deleted, however future books crafted from the inscription menu will be the new version. These books can be used from your backpack.

  • Fixed a bug with AFK command not clearing AFK title when player returns by using speech instead of the command.

  • Fixed an issue with repairing Jack the Pumpkin King's helm. It can now be repaired with masonry.


  • Added new animations.

  • Fixed pumpkin helmet to be a light source.


  • Fix typo in Blasphemy's Destruction talisman.

  • Bulk Order Deed timer reduced from 6 hrs to 4 hrs.

  • Changed description in New Player Skill Info Quest to list that codex gives 10 skills instead of 5.

  • Removed bushido penalty from parry chance with shield. Adjusted formulas to effect parry chance with 130 bushido/parry to cap at 50 with shield, 45 with two handed weapon, and 40 with a one handed weapon with no shield.

  • Fixed typo in Grave Digger's quest dialogue with Linda.

  • Bone armor was adjusted to account for training tailoring to 130.

  • Removed gargoyle artifacts from peerless drops.

  • Fixed a load issue with achievement data.


  • Login achievements have been re-enabled after bug fixes


  • Resolved Issues with last update with new Legendary Sash. Changes were re-implemented.

  • Achievements are now handled by account instead of per character.

  • Added login reward achievements. These will contain 30 rewards that players can repeatedly obtain. More info along with the list of rewards can be found on the wiki page. As this is a new and custom system, please report any bugs via the page system.

  • Updated to .NET 7.0.


  • Achievement gump update


  • Added [AFK command. Command will announce above players head that they are away from keyboard. It will also place a temporary title behind the player's name that says [Away From Keyboard]. The title will clear and a message will appear above the player's head when they use the command again and return to the game.

  • Added Belphegor's Legendary Sash. This item will be for sale in the LoS Store on the stone with the quivers. This item is the melee equivalent of the Legendary Quiver. Belphegor's Legendary Quiver's will now come with 25% Damage modifier. Please note that old quivers are grandfathered in with their existing 50% modifier. This change will only affect future purchases.

  • Rebalanced toughness of Winter Event Spawn.

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