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Wiki - 130 Skills

Many skills have additional bonuses attributed to them when 130, or higher, in them.  Below is a list of what bonuses currently apply.


Increased damage from intelligence, Imbuing or Focus skill, and Inscription skill, as well as from the 130 Mysticism skill itself.


Amplified damage from Intelligence, Evaluate Intelligence, Inscription, and from the 130 Magery skill itself.

Evaluate Intelligence & Inscription

Increased damage with spells.

Healing & Veterinary

Increased heals and success chance to res, and to cure poisons and bleeding, Extra stable slot and 1 second heal times for Vet.

Blacksmithy,Tinkering, Fletching, Carpentry & Tailoring

Ability to use Legendary Resources to Craft.  Repair Deeds will not consume durability.


Ability to harvest Legendary Ore, Bonus while digging up Treasure Maps.


Ability to harvest Legendary Logs and extra damage with lumberjack's axes.

Anatomy & Tactics

Increased damage in combat.

All Weapon Skills

Increased chance to hit target in combat with specific weapon skill.

Animal Taming

Chance to anger animal on tame eliminated.  Extra stable slot.

Creature Lore

Extra stable slot. 


Increased success chances.


Increased success chances on Peacemaking, Discordance, and Provocation. Requirement to use a Bard Songbook.

Nature Lore

Requirement to use a Druid Spellbook.


Requirement to use a Ranger Spellbook & Weapon Skills (above)


Requirement to use a Cleric Spellbook.


Ability to use Arcane Circle alone with a bonus of 6.  Note that this applies only if cast at the Arcane Circle in Sanctuary, in front of Britain Bank, or in Prism of Light.  Circles placed in players houses function normally.


Ability to use Legendary Fishing Nets for Whale Fishing.


Serpent Arrow uses Lethal Poison. The Poison Spell uses Lethal Poison with 120 Magery (or 130 Magery & 120 Poisoning)


Ability to Hide in Combat & Plain Sight.


Increased Success Chance of brewing high-end potions.


Ability to Stealth 100% regardless of Armor.

(At 120 allows chance to Stealth in heavy armor)

Arms Lore

Increased limit on Damage Increase on weapons attainable with a Sharpening Stone equal to +1 per 2 points over 100 Skill.


At 120 Skill, only one free hand (or a balanced two handed weapon) is required.
At 130 Skill, no free hands are required.

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