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Wiki - Archaeology Quest

Skills Required for this Quest are Lock Picking, Remove Trap and Forensic Evaluation

Some combat ability will help here as well

Skills Required to use the Archaeology Tool are Mining and Item Identification

In both cases GM levels are not required, but the more skill the easier time players will have

Near the center of the desert in Malas there is a wondrous gate that leads to The Museum. Within all the spoils of Archaeology are displayed for all to see.

The Archaeologist, Abbott awaits to give would-be archaeologists a chance to test their skills and prove themselves.


Travel through the door to the North and find all six of Abbotts' Archaeological Notes. Return them to Abbott and he will reward you with one tool with 5 to 15 charges that will allow the digging of Sand Encrusted Artifacts. Use the same tool again on the Artifacts to brush them off and reveal the Archaeological Find.

Hint: Smart Archaeologists will save a tool with at least one charge to use as their brush. Charges are consumed on digging not revealing.

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