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Wiki - Bulk Order Deeds


Bulk order deeds (commonly abbreviated BOD) are a system in which crafters can get orders from NPCs and fill them for rewards.

In order to get a BOD, you need a minimum of .1 in the required skill. You can collect 1 BOD every hour.
You can bribe an NPC by clicking ‘bribe’ and targeting a BOD to upgrade to a better BOD. You can only upgrade empty, unfilled deeds. NPCs will become greedy over time and ask for higher bribes. NPCs who are bribed frequently will become under Guild scrutiny and temporarily stop accepting bribes.  Also,  when you hand in a bulk order, it resets your timer so you can immediately grab another one.


There are 2 types of BODs: Small and Large.

Small BODs:
Small BODs will request a number (10, 15, or 20) of an item and a material type (if applicable)
They require you make only one item, and can be turned in as soon as you decide to fill them. They can also be saved to add into Large BODs.

Large BODs:
Requires multiple items. To fill a large BOD, you must fill them with the matching small BODs.

Apple Crab (15)
Hummer Lobster (15)
Shovel Nose Lobster (15)

This BOD would require you to get a 15 piece apple crab order, 15 piece hummer lobster order, and a 15 piece shovel nose lobster small order. You would then fill those 3 small BODs and once completed add into the large.

Filling Small BOD vs Large:
Small BODs are great to use to train up skills. They won’t give as good of rewards or as much gold as large.

Alchemy, Blacksmithy, Bowcraft, Carpentry, Cooking, Inscription, Tailoring, Tinkering all use the new ‘banking’ system. You can choose to either spend your points immediately or save the points and bank them for a large reward. Please note, if you decide to spend them immediately, whatever points you don’t use on a purchase will be wasted. If you decide to bank points, you only get a fraction of the amount of points you would get if you decided to turn it in and redeem the points immediately.

The benefit of banking is purchasing items that are large and a long term goal. Banking is meant to be used if you are saving for a high end item. If you are just looking to buy something small and have a good enough BOD to buy the item with the points received from it, then that is a better option. With the new banking system, it requires planning ahead. You also receive gold and city loyalty for filling BODs.

Fishing, Farming, & Taming BODs:
Fishing and taming bods use the old rewards system. You will get a random reward for the BOD based on the level of BOD you are filling. The larger the BOD and the more pieces it requires (for example: 5 & 6 x 20’s will be the higher end) the better and bigger the reward.