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Wiki - Charity Boxes

Charity Boxes can be found near all City Heralds in Trammel. Experienced players may drop items into these to donate them to players who have not yet reached 30 day Account Age.

Items that are donated may be claimed from any Charity Box, or reclaimed by the player who donated them should they have a change of heart before the item is claimed.

Remember, new players may find use in items that veteran players consider trash and donating such items to them may help them get started on the path to becoming contributing members of the community!


Double-Clicking on any Charity Box opens this menu. The first page gives detailed instruction on the use of the Charity System.


Clicking on Stock opens a list of items that can be claimed or reclaimed, which can be sorted by choosing from the drop down list on the left, or searched with the search bar beneath it.

Remember, once a player has  lost their Young Status by exceeding 700 Skill Points they can only claim items that they have donated themselves.

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