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Wiki - Cleric Spells



Active Skill:

Damage Skill: 

Chivalry Skill 130

Positive Karma

Spirit Speak

Spirit Speak


Angelic Faith

Mana: 50

Skill: 80

Tithing: 100

The caster calls upon the divine powers of the heavens to transform himself into a holy angel. The caster gains better regeneration rates and increased stats and skills.

Banish Evil

Mana: 40

Skill: 60

Tithing: 30

The caster calls forth a divine fire to banish his undead or demonic foe from the earth.

Dampen Spirit

Mana: 11

Skill: 35

Tithing: 15

The caster's enemy is slowly drained of his stamina, greatly hindering their ability to fight in combat or flee.

Divine Focus

Mana: 4

Skill: 35

Tithing: 15

The caster's mind focuses on his divine faith increasing the effect of his prayers. However, the caster becomes mentally fatigued much faster.

Hammer of Faith

Mana: 14

Skill: 40

Tithing: 20

Summons forth a divine hammer of pure energy blessed with the ability to vanquish undead foes with greater efficiency.


Mana: 6

Skill: 10

Tithing: 5

The target is cured of all poisons and has all negative stat curses removed.


Mana: 50

Skill: 50

Tithing: 40

The caster's target is resurrected and fully healed and refreshed.

Sacred Boon

Mana: 11

Skill: 25

Tithing: 15

The caster's target is surrounded by a divine wind that heals small amounts of lost life over time.


Mana: 4

Skill: 5

Tithing: 5

The caster sacrifices himself for his allies. Whenever damaged, all party members are healed a small percent of the damage dealt. The caster still takes damage.


Mana: 50

Skill: 80

Tithing: 60

The caster calls to the heavens to send a deadly bolt of lightning to strike down his opponent.

Touch of Life

Mana: 9

Skill: 30

Tithing: 10

The caster's target is healed by the heavens for a significant amount.

Trial By Fire

Mana: 9

Skill: 45

Tithing: 25

The caster is surrounded by a divine flame that damages the caster's enemy when hit by a weapon.
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