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Wiki - Custom Crafting Taming Bell


The tool to open the Tamers Craft menu is the Tamer's Bell.  It can be Crafted like other tools with Tinkering, and can be added to the Tool Key.


With the Bell it is possible to train Animal Taming by making potions, dyes, and pet shrinking devices.


All potions require Animal Taming, Alchemy and Veterinary Skills, an empty bottle, and reagents.  The Resurrection Potions also require Primeval Lich Dust. 

All Pet Dyes require Animal Taming and Animal Lore Skill, plus a color fixative and an empty bottle.  The dyes created are single use items.


The Shrink items require Animal Taming and Animal Lore, plus some rare objects.  It's up to the players to discover where to get these.

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