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Wiki - Doom Gauntlet


The entrance to the Doom Gauntlet can be found in the Doom Dungeon,

which can be found on the World-Omniporter under Malas, Dungeons.

Part One - Victoria's Bones Quest

Find Victoria in the Doom Dungeon. She will request of you 1000 Daemon Bones, for which she will summon a Bone Daemon.


While the actions of this quest will be familiar to anyone who's ever played Ultima Online, the Quest has been rewritten into the later system. Players will need to toggle their daemon bones and speak to Victoria to complete the quest.

Part Two - The Summoning

As promised, Victoria summons a Bone Daemon in the summoning circle in the room with her. Only those who Accept the quest may attack, or be attacked, by the Daemon. Kill it, and return to Victoria to receive a Golden Skull, which is required to enter the Doom Gauntlet.

Part Three - Chyloth the Ferryman

Ring the bell by the ship in the south side of the dungeon to summon Chyloth the Ferryman.


Be prepared to give him a Golden Skull, which is rewarded for completing Victorias' Quests above. Failure to present the Golden Skull in time will offend the Ferryman and he will summon a Skeletal Dragon before vanishing.

Hand Chyloth a Golden Skull by dragging it onto him. You, and anyone you are partied with will


be moved onto the ship directly to the Southwest. Step onto the telepad on the ship to be moved to the first room of the Doom Gauntlet.

Part Four - The Doom Gauntlet

The ship will take you into the old Doom Gauntlet dungeon, as it did previously. Once inside the old gauntlet, by the entrance you will see dungeon portals for the Instanced Gauntlet Dungeons. The same as with the other Instanced dungeons, only those who are partied may enter together. Anyone else who steps into the gate will enter their own instance of the Gauntlet.

Unlike the traditional Gauntlet, the number of bosses that appear does not change with the number of characters who enter. Instead, the bosses that exist will be tougher for each gauntlet level (1-5, with 5 being the toughest). The max number of players allowed to enter the Instance will increase with each toughness level of the gauntlet, with level 1 allowing 2 players max, and level 5 allowing 10 players max. Each increase in power increases the chances of receiving Doom Gauntlet Artifacts. Additionally, nine new powerful artifacts have been added to the list. These are on display in the Custom Artifacts Display Area, which can be found on the World-Omniporter under Malas Custom.

There are seven bosses in the Gauntlet, and each must be defeated in order to open the way to the next. Once you enter one of the gates, you will have 2 hours to complete as many of the gauntlets as you can. This means that, should you finish a level, you can use the remainder of your time on another level. Once the duration expires there will be a 2 hour lockout period before you can reenter any of the gates. This 2 hour lockout can be overcome with Time Boosts. 

Party members will each get their own instances and lockouts, so it will be beneficial to share gauntlet runs with your friends. 


Entrance & Healer

Darknight Creeper
Flesh Renderer
Shadow Knight
Dark Mother
Dark Father
Abyssmal Horror
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