Wiki - Customized Graphics

Here on Legends of Sosaria we've added, or altered, the graphics for many things.  If you've played on other servers you will notice that many of our wearable items and hairstyles appear different.  A large number of spawn and mounts have had makeovers and dozens of new animations have been added above and beyond that (See Custom Spawn).  We've also altered a large number of the old tile-sets to bring new life to the map.

Below are some examples of the changes we've made.  

Below are some examples of how the map will look different. Some of the changes are minor while some, like many of our trees, are more dramatic.



With all the new spawn on Legends of Sosaria, it would have been a shame to not have custom mounts as well.  Here you can see a screenshot of all of our customed ethereal mounts.

From Top-left:



Grizzled Mare





Polar Bear

Charger of the Fallen

Swamp Dragon


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