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Wiki - Custom Housing


Those who are familiar with Ultima Online will notice a couple changes have been made to our House Placement Tool.

All the traditional houses can be found under Classic Houses. These would include all of the larger ones that used to be under Custom Contest.

Customizable plots range from 2-Story 7x7's to 3-Story 18x18's, with the option of Customizable Keeps (24x24) and Customizable Castles (30x30). These allow players who wish to be creative the ability to create their own house designs.

The Custom Legends of Sosaria section is reserved for custom house plots that we design ourselves, and for winners of our Housing Contests, when they occur.

Some examples of our custom plots are showcased here and contest winners will be displayed on their own page here.


The Watchtower Keep (24x24)

by: Cadalion [Dev]

32 Million Gold


The Swallows' Nest (30x30)

by: Cadalion [Dev]

50 Million Gold

Farmers Estate_edited.png

The Farmer's Estate (33x33)

by: Cadalion [Dev]

& Castiel (Owner)

52 Million Gold

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