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Wiki - Drowning System

While it is impossible to walk into most water, it is possible to do so in Eacotura and anywhere with translucent water tiles. It is also possible that characters will find themselves on the water if a boat is destroyed while they are on it.  If this happens it is possible to drown.

The first stage of drowning involves stamina loss, starting with the character taking stamina damage equal to 15% of their maximum.  Every five seconds that the character remains in the water they will take damage again, but the amount increases by 10% each time they take damage until they're at 0 Stamina.  After 45 seconds, when the % of stamina loss reaches over 100%, no amount of Regen or Magic will prevent the loss of all stamina.

Once a characters stamina reaches 0 the second stage of drowning begins.  Characters will start taking normal damage as they start inhaling water equal to 5% of their total hits.  Every five seconds after that, additional damage is taken but the amount increases by 5% each time until death.  A system message is sent that the character has drowned at this point.

Drowned characters will find their ghost teleported to a boat that is within 30 tiles if they are permitted aboard. These characters will be able to use Sacrifice to Self Resurrect (see Virtues) and claim their corpse.  If there is no boat within 30 tiles, or they are not permitted aboard, their ghost will be teleported to the house of the healer at the Sea Market in Trammel. They will have to find a corpse summoner to retrieve their corpse.



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