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Wiki - Druid Spells



Active Skill:

Damage Skill: 

Nature Lore Skill 130

& Positive Karma

Creature Lore

Creature Lore


Leaf Whirlwind

Mana: 25

Skill: 50

A gust of wind blows picking up magic leaves that memorize where they have come from, marking a rune for the caster.
Reagents: Spring Water, Petrified Wood, Destroying Angel

Hollow Reed

Mana: 30

Skill: 30

Increases both the Strength and the Intelligence of the Druid.
Reagents: Bloodmoss, Mandrake Root, Nightshade

Pack of Beasts

Mana: 45

Skill: 40

Summons a pack of beasts to fight for the Druid. Spell length increases with skill.
Reagents: Bloodmoss, Black Pearl, Petrified Wood

Spring of Life

Mana: 40

Skill: 40

Creates a magical spring that heals the Druid and their party.
Reagents: Spring Water

Grasping Roots

Mana: 40

Skill: 40

Summons roots from the ground to entangle a single target.
Reagents: Spring Water, Bloodmoss, Spider's Silk

Blend With Forest

Mana: 60

Skill: 75

The Druid blends seamlessly with the background, becoming invisible to their foes.
Reagents: Bloodmoss, Nightshade

Swarm of Insects

Mana: 70

Skill: 85

Summons a swarm of insects that bite and sting the Druid's enemies.
Reagents: Garlic, Nightshade, Destroying Angel

Volcanic Eruption

Mana: 85

Skill: 98

A blast of molten lava bursts from the ground, hitting every enemy nearby.
Reagents: Sulfurous Ash, Destroying Angel

Summon Familiar

Mana: 17

Skill: 30

Summons a choice of different familiars that can aid the druid.
Reagents: Mandrake Root, Spring Water, Petrified Wood

Stone Circle

Mana: 45

Skill: 60

Forms an impassable circle of stones, ideal for trapping enemies.
Reagents: Black Pearl, Ginseng, Spring Water

Enchanted Grove

Mana: 60

Skill: 95

Creates a grove of trees to grow around the Druid.  Those in the area will have vitality restored depending on the Druids Karma.
Reagents: Mandrake Root, Petrified Wood, Spring Water

Lure Stone

Mana: 30

Skill: 15

Creates a magical stone that calls all nearby animals to it.
Reagents: Black Pearl, Spring Water

Nature's Passage

Mana: 10

Skill: 15

The Druid is turned into flower petals and carried on the wind to their destination.
Reagents: Black Pearl, Bloodmoss, Mandrake Root

Mushroom Gateway

Mana: 40

Skill: 70

A magical circle of mushrooms opens, allowing the Druid to step through it to another location.
Reagents: Black Pearl; Spring Water; Mandrake Root

Restorative Soil

Mana: 55

Skill: 89

Saturates a patch of land with power, causing life giving mud to seep through.
Reagents: Garlic, Ginseng, Spring Water

Shield of Earth

Mana: 15

Skill: 20

A quick-growning wall of foliage springs up at the bidding of the Druid.
Reagents: Ginseng, Spring Water
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