Wiki - Easter Egg Hunt

Required Skill: Detect Hidden 30

Recommended Skill: Stealth


The age old tradition of scavenging for Easter Eggs has made it to Legends of Sosaria!  The town of Lakeshire has become over run with rabbits and they will not let their Eggs go without a fight.

At the north side of Lakeshire, near the Valentine's Day Quest house, players may find Anabelle the Easter Egg Trader.

Gather 20 Easter Eggs from the baskets hidden around town, and return to her, and she will reward you. Possible rewards can be viewed in the Display Area which can be found under Custom on the World Omniporter.


The Easter Egg Hunt is the Seasonal Quest that runs from April 1st until Easter Sunday.  It can be repeated every 8 hours.


The Easter Baskets are hidden and Detect Hidden is required to find them.

Detect Hidden of 30 is required for a chance to find the baskets.  At 100 players will have a small chance of passively detecting nearby baskets.

Collect the Easter Eggs and avoid the Bunnies because they can, and will, steal them back!


There is no Talisman for the Easter Egg Hunt, but each quest run rewards a basket with three items from the quest rewards display area.

Good Luck and Hoppy Easter!!