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Wiki - Fall Harvest Quest

The Fall Harvest Quest is scheduled to start September 1st!  It will run for the month of September.  You can view the display area for the quest rewards in the LoS Display Gates area (Orange moongate in the SW part of the building,).

Repeatable every 8 hours

You will need 100 Lumberjacking, Cooking, and Herding to do this quest!

Farmer Joe can be found in the Farm House in Pomona's Farms.  You can obtain the quest from him.

Farmer Joe needs some assistance harvesting crops. Help them harvest fruits and nuts for their harvest bushels.  He will randomly assign you 20 of 4 types of fruit and nuts to harvest from Pomona's Farms.  You can only harvest the quest fruit/nuts while you are on the quest!  The fruit/nuts will have decay timers on them as well, they have a 1 hour decay rate from the time you start picking.

After returning to him with the fruit & nuts, he will tell you that his pigs have escaped.  You will see wild pigs around the farmland in Pomona's farms.  You will need to herd them to the fenced in area next to the barn using herding skill and a shepherd's crook.  The pigs will instantly delete when they are herded into the right area, as well as instantly spawn. You will also get a message saying you successfully herded it into the pen when you succeed.  You will not get an actual count in your quest log for this, however you will get a message that will pop up in pink saying you've completed your quest (the standard message) when the task is completed.  This message will repeat if you continue herding, in case you miss it the first time.

When you return to Farmer Joe, he will ask you to slaughter 20 Plump Thanksgiving Turkeys!  You will need to collect 12 raw birds off of them as well, so you may end up needing to kill a few more than 20.

After returning to Farmer Joe from your last task, he will give you a picnic basket to deliver to his wife, Harmony.  She is located at the end of their corn maze.  He will give you a map which when double clicked, will teleport you randomly into a location in the maze.  The location you get dropped in will change each time.  This is to prevent the maze from being too predictable.

When you reach Harmony, drop the basket onto her and she will give you a reward bag with one RANDOM reward item from the display area.

This quest is repeatable every 8 hours. There will be a clock located in Farmer Joe's house that you can double click to find out if your quest is ready to repeat.


Fall Harvest Talisman

The Fall Harvest Leaf is rewarded for completing 60 runs of this Quest. Quest runs are not specific to this year, but accumulate from year to year. This means that if you manage 50 runs this year, next year you will start with those 50 runs behind you. The background is among the random rewards and is a cloak slot item.

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