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Wiki - Flora's Call Quest

The Spring Quest is scheduled to start May 1st! It will run for the months of May and June. It can be repeated every 8 hours. You can view the display area for the quest rewards in the LoS Display Gates area. Brace yourself, there are many rewards.

No skills are needed for this quest, but having Tracking and Nature Lore over 50 will be beneficial.

Flora, the Goddess of Plants seeks the aid of worthy mortals to help her bring about the Spring Season.

She can be reached through the Quest Grove on the world omniporter.

The Isle of Nymphs

Much of the Spring Quest will take the heroes to the fabled Island of Nymphs. Normally a peaceful place where the Seeds of Spring are sown to bring about the change of the seasons, it has become the site of atrocities against nature.


Flora's nemesis, Robigus the God of Blight has used treachery to prevent Flora from setting foot on the island. Only a small contingent of her followers can be found there now. Mostly around the entry portal and around the enchanted well, which is the goal of the first part of the quest. They will attack anything unsavory including adventurers with negative karma.  Everywhere else is under full sway of the corrupted God.


Spring Reapers, Treants, Otyughs, and Tangled Vines 

Part One - Blessed Plantables

The first task Flora asks of would-be-heroes is to travel to the Isle of Nymphs through the sparkle to the South-West of her and retrieve a bucket of enchanted water from a well there.

To complete this task heroes will have to find a bucket on the island and then double-click it to use it on the well to fill it. The well can be found  on the north-eastern point of the island and is under guard from Flora's minions.


Return the enchanted water to Flora to receive the Gardener's Trowel and progress to part two of the quest.

Part Two - Flora's Seeds

In part two the hero learns of Robigus, the God of Blight, who has stolen the seeds of spring and is attempting to grow them in his corrupted soil.

Flora asks them to take the Gardener's Trowel she gave them as reward for part one of the quest back to the Isle of Nymphs to dig up and retrieve the seeds.

Double click the Trowel to use it and target the patches of dirt on the island to dig for the seeds. Here are where Tracking and Nature Lore skills come into play. Higher Tracking will help in the success rate of finding the seeds, and higher Nature Lore will lower the chances of disturbing Robigus's guardians.

Be warned, the seed guardians are similar to the monsters found everywhere on the Island of Nymphs, but they will often spawn Legendary.

Find all the seeds and return them to Flora to progress the quest and receive part three.

Part Three - Slay Robigus

Thankful for the return of her seeds, Flora sends the hero, one last time, back to the island. This time to seek out and defeat Robigus himself. Only by weakening his presence there will the seeds grow.

Succeed in this task and return to Flora to progress to the fourth, and final, part of the quest. She will present the hero with three vases of flowers as reward.

Part Four - Gathering the Prayer Stones

Upon returning from slaying Robigus, Flora presented the hero with three vases of flowers and asks you to deliver them to her three Priestesses.

The only difficulty here is locating them. Each will appear in one of three locations.


Find each of the Vestal Virgins and deliver to them their flowers to retrieve their Prayer Stones.  Find all three to complete the quest and allow Flora to usher in the season of Spring.

She will reward completion with one Spring Gift Box with one random reward from the Spring Seasonal Rewards, which again, can be seen in the Display Gates area under Custom on the World Omni-Porter.

Gegania can sometimes be found: (Trammel)

  1. In the home of the Goddess of Orchards.

  2. Pondering justice and life in front of a scenic waterfall.

  3. In a Gazebo in a town that was once home to nobles and large temple, but since destroyed by demons.

Canuleia can sometimes be found: (Ilshenar)

  1. In the home of the sorcerer's, beneath the bears of the spirit.

  2. In the home of the little ones.

  3. Tending the dead to the south of the shrine of the virtues.

Veneneia can always be found in the Royal City of Ter Mur.


Good Luck!

Spring Quest Talisman - Flora's Blessing

Rewarded for 90 Completed runs of Flora's Call.

Quest runs do not reset at the end of June. Players who have a hard time getting enough runs during the two months the quest is active will have a head start next year.

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