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Wiki - Gear Caps

Here is a list of attributes that appear on weapons and gear, and their caps on LoS from all gear slots on a character.  Those familiar with these statistics will notice that we have enhanced several of them.  These modifications make it virtually impossible to max everything, which means players have the ability to be unique.

Hit Chance Increase

80 *105 will cover you for the effects of Hit Lower Attack

Defend Chance Increase

80 + base armor (hidden bonus by armor type)

*115 will cover you for the effects of HLD.

Swing Speed Increase:

Weapon Damage

Lower Reagent Cost

Spell Damage Increase


Cast Recovery

Cast Speed

4 (6 with Magery)
Lower Mana Cost

80 + Armor (hidden bonus by armor type)

Spell Effect Duration


Spell Condition Duration


All Regens

Reflect Physical


Enhance Potions


Healing Power


Mystical Healing Power

Bonus Str/Dex/Int

no cap
Bonus Hits/Stam/Mana

no cap

Weapon Hits

70 + a third of value beyond 70.

Hit lightning 100 therefore is actually Hit lightning 80%:  70 + 30/3 = 80)

The first 70 count normally.

The last 30 are divided by 3 in this example, which gives 10 more.

 *Note that items that show 100 may actually be higher, but 100 is the cap that shows on gear for weapon hits, so trial and error will be needed to determine if an ability actually hits 100% of the time.

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