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Wiki - Grave Digging


Players wishing to undertake the 'questionable' task of Grave Digging, will need to seek out Samus McNealson in the Fishermans's Guild in Magincia, Trammel. 


The Grave Diggers Quest works off the old Quest System, which means that relevant quest information can be seen through player's Drop Down Menus and not via the Paperdoll.

Read through the quest dialogue and Accept if you with to take the quest. Complete the requirements of the quest through to the end to receive a Grave Diggers Shovel and the possibility of another large artifact.

Use a Grave Diggers Shovel on a grave to dig up other artifacts. All the rewards available can be viewed in the Display Areas which can be found on the World-Omniporter under Custom. All the artifacts are displayed together, but some come from digging up graves and others as reward from the McNealson upon completion of the quest. It's up to players to discover which drop where.

This quest can be repeated once per 24 hours

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