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Wiki - Pumpkin Patches

At this time of year, farmers everywhere are growing pumpkins and, wouldn't you know it, the spirits enjoy haunting the pumpkin patches.

Normal pumpkins are free for the picking and make nice deco.  Occasionally larger, carved, pumpkins can be found.  Pick them up at your own risk.  Sometimes they become a carved pumpkin inscribed with the name of one of our staff, but usually they are possessed by the spirits of Halloween and attack you.  These Killer Pumpkins are deadly adversaries, but those who succeed in defeating them may find carving pumpkins or the jack-o-lantern carving kit on their corpses.


For information on carving pumpkins, see Pumpkin Carving

Collect all five staff Jack-O-Lanterns.  We are, for those who haven't looked us up:

Lilith (owner)

Kos (owner)




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