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Wiki - Trick or Treating

It's that time of year again, and all the kids are dressing up and pestering all the locals in their shops and homes, begging for candy at every door.


Your characters can join in on the fun too.  All you need to do is say 'trick or treat' and target an npc.  If the npc has the festive spirit they'll either give you a treat or surprise you with a trick.

Tricks can include taking a piece of your candy, creating a duplicate of you to appear and teleport you to a random location, or hitting you with a dye that changes the color of your skin.

Treats are always pieces of candy unless you have GM or better begging skill and you are wearing a costume.  If you do have the skill and the costume then the npc may be impressed and the treat may be something much nicer than candy.  The possible rewards are on display in the display area on the world omniporter.


Mamma Mummy

Mamma Mummy appears near the Britain Bank in Trammel for the entire month.  She will quest you to find candy, and reward you with a single Pumpkin Candy Coin.  This coin can be spent on the Halloween Costume Stone in the rewards display area to get any one of the Basic Halloween Costumes.

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