Wiki - Harvestable Crop System

Pecan Tree

Almond Tree

Apple Tree

Macadamia Tree

Plum Tree

Date Palm

To fill Farming BODS players will need to become acquainted in harvesting various crops from Pomona's Farm.

Peach trees, pear trees, plum trees, walnut trees, pecan trees, pistachio trees, macadamia trees, almond trees, and apple trees can all be chopped and will regrow in time. 

Alternatively, the trees can be picked from instead of chopping. Chopping gives wood and fruit while picking just gives fruit.

Lumberjacking skill is used to harvest from the trees.

Seeds to plant in the fields can be purchased from any farmer NPC

Most crops use cooking skill, with the exception of cotton and flax crops, which use tailoring. In a short while, crops should be ready to pick. If you do not pick them in 7 days, others will be able to come pick your crops.


Alternatively, there are individual tiles available for purchase from an NPC in Pomona's Farm. You can lock these down in your house and plant in them. They are reusable and also make great deco gardens. There are also small addon's which you can plant in available for purchase from this vendor, example addon is displayed behind NPC. There are upgraded versions of these garden addon's available as well available as rewards from filling large Farming Bulk Order deeds.

Public Fields in Pomona's Farms

Trees turn to stumps after being chopped.  They grow into saplings after 15 minutes and 15 minutes after becoming saplings they will become full grown trees.

Pistachio Tree

Peach Tree

Pear Tree

Walnut Tree

Coconut Palm Tree

Banana Tree

Use [Vote in-game to vote and gain up to 9 tokens every 24 hours