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Wiki - Instanced Dungeons


Instanced Dungeons can be entered by going up the ladder on the far West wall of the Display Gates area, which can be found on the world omniporter under custom.

Players will notice we've left empty pedestals in the area to make it easy to add more.

Instanced Dungeons 2.PNG

On entering an instanced dungeon, players will notice an addition to their tool bar at the top of their screen. This show's the name of the dungeon they are in, the time that remains on the instance, and the size of the players party. It should be noted that to enter an instanced dungeon as a group, a party must be formed. Failure to do this will result in each player entering their own instance of the event.

By clicking on the down arrow, the bar will expand to show more information. The top left box will allow players to preview the description of the area. The bottom left displays the loot type, which can be toggled between Standard and Need or Greed only by the party leader. Standard allows the normal looting that everyone is familiar with. Need or Greed will bring up a gump when an item is found allowing it to be taken or left. Best advice is to experiment with this setting to decide which you prefer. The right side of the gump displays all the members of your party.


Each instance has it's own theme, complete with it's own bosses. There are no special drops but the loot itself can be noteworthy and the bosses often carry high level treasure maps. Each kill rewards a fair amount of gold added directly to players bank boxes, which is exceptionally useful to those with limited carry capacity.


Be warned, these dungeons are not intended to be done alone. There are no ankhs or healers, so if you die inside one you will need to retrace your steps to the entrance to leave the area. A corpse summoner awaits just outside in the gate area to return your corpse and belongings to you (for a price). 

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