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Wiki - Luck

Luck affects the quality of loot in game. It will not affect amounts of gold you find on spawn.  It will factor into the chances of finding artifacts as well as the level.  The more luck you have,  the more likely you'll find a legendary artifact.  Keep in mind that, while luck affects the quality of loot in a lootpack, if the spawn is low level and has a low loot pack in the first place you'll never find good loot on it. Typically the tougher the spawn,  the higher the lootpack.  Luck heavily influences artifact drops in Tokuno and Ter Mur as well.  The formulas used in calculating luck are different for many things in game.  Therefore, there is no recommended amount of luck.  We typically suggest that asking other players how it benefits them is always the best course of action.  The client has a cap on luck where it will stop reading.  Therefore, having over 30,000 luck is not necessary or recommended.  The cap on adding luck with deeds per item is 2000 but there is no total cap.

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