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Wiki - My Commands


[MyCommands opens the list of your commands.  Only  the commands that are currently in use are explained  here.  Prefix the commands with a [ to use directly.

A - Opens list of online users in mail system
Ally - Alliances in guild
Bandself - Bandages yourself
BS - Abbreviated command for bandself
C - Will type in world chat with [c type message you want to appear after. Also opens up the global chat window if you dont type anything after it
Chathistory - opens up global chat window
Chattoggle - will toggle on / off chat
Checkdonate - shows you donation records for your account

Checkpoints - shows points and rankings

Cl - claim abbreviation

Claim - Claims corpse for gold (Works at Champs)

Clock - opens a small clock

CS - for spell casting, type [cs followed by the name of the spell to cast. Example : [cs vampiricembrace will cast vampiric embrace spell.

Donate - Use to donate to the server. Donations will reward you with Legendary Dust per CAD plus one bonus for every 50 CAD.  Bonus items are displayed on the home page of this site and in the LoS Store in game.

F - shows friends

FishMongerStatus - tells points status in Professional Fishing Quest

FixMe -

   If mount : Attempt to correct your mount if it appears to be glitched.

   If Pets: All pets will be stabled or teleported and your follower count will be normalized, If mounted, the mount will     not be included.

   If Equip: All equipment will be validated, any invalid equipment will be unequipped.

   If Gumps: All open gumps will be refreshed.

   If Tags: All character and equipment attribute tags will be refreshed.

   If Skills: All skills will be normalized if they are detected as invalid.

   If Quests: All quests will be repaired if they are detected as invalid.Fonts - will edit captcha letters if you type with a letter. example: [fonts e, edits letter e.Fri - abbreviated version of friends command

Friends - shows friends list in mail system

G - abbreviated version of guild command

Guild - shows guild members list

Gr - abbreviated version of grab command

Grab - Claims all the corpses in a radius around you. Will not work if another player is in your grab radius, or if you are too close to a champion spawn area.

Help - Lists all the commands on left side of your screenHelpInfo - shows a list of all commands available to you and if you click the arrows next to the commands, will provide a description of what the command does7

Password - change password

Pick - uses lockpick, will check in keys if you have keys that hold lockpicks, if not will check your backpack for lockpicks.

PM - private message, type [pm and the player name to message someone. example: [pm Asteria will send Asteria a private message in game.

Questlog - displays players quest log

Seekills - determines whether you see other players pvp kill broadcasts

Time - Checks server time

VetRewards - If there are pending Vet Rewards available on the account, use this to spend them.

Vote - Vote for the server!

VoteProfiles - shows the list of all the players who have ever used vote command. Also lists the number of tokens they have earned for the day.

WhatIsIt - will tell you what the item/addon is that you target.

Keyguard - Targeted objects will not be drawn into keys when using the fill button.

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