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Wiki - Nature's Grove

Located West of Yew in Felucca (Where the Blighted Grove is in Trammel), Nature's Grove is home to one of LoS's custom peerless, The Wendigo.

This are is intended for mid-tier players, but is accessible to all.

The natural energies of the area cancel all magics and all magical buffs are purged on entering.

Pet owners will have interest in the Pet Power Scrolls that drop off the Wendigo, and pets may be used in the area, but only natural means of healing them will work.


Taming the Grove

Just inside the grove, Yupik stands vigilant to warn those who venture within that the land is cursed.


Slay all the feral spawn in the area until the grass elemental shows itself. It will multiply when hit and only the original will count toward completing the objective.


That may seem like a lot of work for one dead plucked chicken, but place it in the bowl at the altar inside the grove and you will be rewarded with Chimes of Natural Order. This is the key to the Wendigo's Lair, but they last only 10 minutes.


Double Click the chimes to be taken to the Wendigo's Lair.

Note that the Wendigo is a peerless and follows the same rules as other peerless. If someone is already facing the Wendigo when a player attempts to place their chicken in the altar they will not be given a chime and will have to wait their turn.

The Wendigo will change those who attack it into one of the animals they faced earlier in the grove. This effect can not be countered without the ability to cast spells, but it is temporary and has no effect on the players ability to fight.

Defeat the Wendigo to attain it's loot and three random Pet Power Scrolls, a gold shower, and a chance at some special artifact drops which can be seen in the display gates area on the world teleporter under custom.

Good Luck!

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