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Wiki - Nightmare Before Xmas

The Nightmare Before Xmas Quest is scheduled to start November 1st!  It will run from the beginning of November until Christmas Day.  You can view the display area for the quest rewards in the LoS Display Gates area (Malas, Custom on the World Omni-porter).

Repeatable every 8 hours


The Quest giver, Mrs. Claus, can be found through the Nightmare Before Xmas portal in the Quest Grove, which can be found under Trammel,  Custom on the World Omni-porter.

Looks like some of the Halloween monsters have decided to hijack Christmas, and Mrs. Claus needs your help to deal with them.

To complete the quest, go through the portal to the quest dungeon outside Mrs. Claus's house and slay one of each creature on the list she provides.

Once through the portal, you'll have 2 hours to complete your  task before the instance ceases to exist.

Once the instance expires, the portal will not be accessible for 6 hours.

This is a solo quest.

Return to Mrs. Claus once you've completed the quest and she will reward you with one random reward from the reward list.

Good Luck!

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