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Wiki - Referrals

Referral Codes

Each Player Account has a Referral Code associated with it. To find your code, type [Referral to open the gump on the right in game.


Your Code is at the bottom of the gump. In this example it is NXOG-CUSZ. 

Give this code to your friends, or advertise it anywhere you have permission, and ask them to use it right after they join the game so that you can earn rewards!


Reward per Successful Referral


10 Legendary Dust

(2.5 Million Gold)

To Qualify a Referral Reward the following criteria must be met:

  • The Referral Code must be entered by the New Player within he first 30 days after their account is created.

  • The New Player's Character must reach GM (100) Skill Level in at least ten skills.

  • The New Player's Account must reach 7 days of actual Game-Time.

Using the Referral Gump

Click the Arrow next to Referrals at the top of the gump to expand it to show all the relevant information for your account.

If your account is less than 30 days old then there will be the option at the bottom of the expanded gump to 'Use Referral Code'. Here is where you enter the Code of the Player who asked you to join.

It is important to mention that  it is impossible to use a Referral Code of someone with whom an IP address is shared. If you would like to invite someone with whom you do share


residence with then Page staff to let us know. We will confirm with that player the validity of the claim and whether they meet the criteria to earn the reward, and then manually give out the reward. Please keep in mind that this service will only apply to player accounts created on, or after, November 14th, 2020.

Referral Codes must be entered exactly as they appear for them to work. Each new player has the opportunity to enter one Referral Code here, but they may share their own with as many as they wish. The rewards are limited only by the number of players you can recruit to join you on LoS.

Referral Rewards

Once someone has joined LoS and used your Referral Code, you will see information regarding your potential pending rewards on the [Referral gump. It is in your best interest to encourage those you recruit into the game to give it a fair chance to ensure the criteria at the top of the page are met. 


Click the '?' by the characters' code to view their progress toward earning you your reward and to collect pending rewards.

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