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Wiki - Storage Keys


Among the most powerful items on the shard are the storage keys.  Each enables you to hold massive amounts of items that belong to it's group and, if these items are used as craft resources, you can craft directly out of the keys and avoid being weighted.  Below is a description of each and information on how to get them.  All of the keys require 130 Tinkering to craft and some have secondary skill requirements.  Be sure to check a Tinker Tool carefully for requirements.

Master Key

Purchasable from the LoS store for 80 Legendary Dust.

Holds all the other keys and allows instant pulling of all items into all keys with one action.  

Tool Box

Craftable - 100 Enchanted Ingots, Leather & Boards

Holds and combines the charges of all craftable tools.

Runic Tool Box

Craftable - Requires Tinkering 110, 40 Enchanted Ingots, Leather & Boards

Holds and combines the charges of all runic tools.

Adventurer's Boots

Craftable - 40 Enchanted Leather & 40 Zoogi Fungus

Holds Bandages, Lockpicks, Zoogi Fungus, Powder of Translocation, Green Thorns, Fertile Dirt, Bola Balls, Bola, and Arcane Gems.  It should be noted that bandages can be used directly from the keys to bandage yourself with the [bandself command.

Bard's Key

Craftable - Musicianship 100, 40 Enchanted Boards & 4 Harpsichord Rolls

Holds all instruments and combines charges of exceptional crafted instruments.

Fish Bucket

Available only from Fishing BoDs

Holds all fish.

Imbuers Keys

Craftable - 40 Enchanted Ingots & 20 Relic Fragments

Holds all imbuing materials & allows imbuing directly from keys.

Mining Keys

Craftable - 100 Enchanted Ingots

Available from Blacksmithing BoD rewards

Holds all ingots & allows crafting directly from keys.

Jewelers Keys

Craftable - 50 Enchanted Ingots & 20 Blue Diamonds

Available from Tinkering BoD rewards

Holds all gems & allows crafting and imbuing directly from keys.

Reagent Keys

Craftable - 25 Enchanted Ingots & 5000 Mandrake Root

Available from Alchemy & Inscription BoD rewards

Holds all reagents & allows casting and crafting directly from keys.

Scribes Tome

Craftable - 25 Enchanted Boards, 200 Wood Pulp & 200 Blank Scrolls

Available from Inscription BoD rewards

Holds all scrolls from all spellcasting forms.

Tailor Store

Craftable - 50 Enchanted Leather & 50 Enchanted Boards

Available from Tailoring BoD rewards

Holds cloth and all types of leather & allows crafting directly from keys.

Treasure Hunters Storage

Craftable - 25 Enchanted Boards & 30 Treasure Maps

Available from Fishing BoD rewards

Holds treasure maps, SOS's, fishing nets & Messages in Bottles.

Wood Storage

Craftable - 100 Enchanted Boards

Available from Carpentry & Fletching BoD rewards

Holds all boards & allows crafting directly from keys.

Chef's Storage

Available only from Cooking BoD rewards

Holds all ingredients used in the cooking menu & allows crafting directly from keys..

Potion Storage

Craftable - 25 Enchanted Boards & 5 Crushed Glass

Available from Alchemy BoD rewards

Holds all potions & allows crafting directly from keys.

Lobster and Crab Trap

Available only from Fishing BoD rewards

Holds all lobsters and crabs.

Champion Skull Key

Craftable - 40 Enchanted Leather & 4 Golden Skulls

Holds all champion skulls.

Gardener's Storage

Available only from Farming BoD rewards

Holds all farming and planting seeds, water, planting bowls, and fertile dirt.

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