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Wiki - Tomb of Adramus

The entrance to the Tomb of Adramus is located SE of Destard in Felucca.  Helvard, the last descendant of Adramus's apprentice stands vigilant at the entrance to ward explorers away.

This is a new peerless dungeon intended for veteran players.  It is riddled with traps and secret paths.


To reach Adramus, four key items must be gathered and placed in a summoning pool.  Each of these drops off a peerless level monster.

The Skull Lord

key to the Dracolich's Lair

(24 hour timer)

Champ Boss



Egg of Arachnis

(12 hour timer)


Treasured Dragon Scale

(12 hour timer)

A key will be required for each character who wishes to take part in the fight.

The Infused Colossus

Drop of Pure Gold

(12 hour timer)

Amun Ra

Rare Emerald

(12 hour timer)