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Wiki - Treasure Hunters

Load yer cannons and grab yer sextants! The hunt for Blackbeard's Treasure has begun!


Seek ye the Pirate Captain, Jolly Roger Burton, on Treasure Isle to begin the quest. The Isle can be found on the World Omni-porter under Felucca, Moongates.

The Treasure Hunter's Seasonal Event begins on July 1st and runs for the entire month.

Part One - Seeking the Buried Treasure

Captain Burton seeks your aid to find Blackbeard's Treasure. If the Quest is accepted, he will hand you a Treasure Map that will lead you to where it is buried on Treasure Isle.


Find the Treasure and return to Captain Burton to progress the Quest.

Rather than find Blackbeard's Treasure, however, a message has been left to taunt would-be looters.

Part Two - Tracking Swashbucker Hackney


Hackney got to Blackbeard's Treasure first! Thankfully, Burton has a magical map that will allow you to locate Hackney's ship.

Take the map, track down Hackney, scuttle and board his ship, and take the treasure from it's hold.

Remember, to Scuttle Hackney's ship you will need:

  • A ship with cannons

  • Powder Charge

  • Ammo (Cannonball, Grapeshot or Frost/Flame Cannonball), 

  • Fuse Cord

  • A Match

All of these items are Craftable.



Drop the Powder Charge, Ammo, and Fuse Cord into the Cannon and have the Match in your pack. Double-click the Cannon and then follow the gumps.

Note: Cannons can be destroyed during ship battles, so it is wise to have multiple Cannons and a healthy supply of Ammo.

Return Blackbeard's Treasure to Burton and receive a random quest reward. Possible rewards can be seen in the Display Gates Area, which can be found on the World Omni-porter under Malas, Custom.

Jolly Roger's Talisman


Similarly to many of the other seasonal quests, Jolly Roger's Talisman can be acquired by completing a number of quest runs. In this case, 30 runs are required. Quest runs carry forward to future years.

Good Luck!
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