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Wiki - Undead Domination

Using their affinity to the dark arts, those who study Necromancy and Spirit Speak can subjugate many of the Undead in the lands to their will.

Dominated undead behave exactly like other Pets.  They require pet slots, can be stabled or shrunk, must be fed and can be trained as if they were any other pet through the Creature Lore pet training gump.

Necromancy skill is used to dominate undead instead of Animal Taming, and Spirit Speak is substituted for Creature Lore for the purposes of controlling undead.

Unlike most other pets, however, all undead require a potential master to have Negative Karma.  Should a necromancer ever gain 0 or higher Karma all undead pets will go wild.


For those who wish to know the details of controlling an undead, see the formula on the Pet Care page.  Substitute Necromancy for Animal Taming and Spirit Speak for Creature Lore.  Trained undead have their Required Necromancy increased by 10 for each additional slot up to 118.  

The chance of controlling can be improved by 3% for every 8000 Karma below 0 the Dominating Necromancer has to a maximum of 12% at -32k.

All undead belongs to the Undead pack.

A complete list of Dominatable Undead can be found here:



*Necromantic Undead Domination

is still very new. 

As such, modifications may be made as time moves on.  Consider it to be in beta-testing.

Thank You for your Understanding!

Los Staff

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