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Wiki - Valentine's Day Quest

Head to Lakeshire in Ilshenar and seek out Lacey, the Quest Giver in a lovely little house on the north side of town.

The Valentines Day Seasonal Quest runs for the month of February and is repeatable every 8 hours.  It consists of three parts that will be outlined here.

As with the other seasonal quests on LoS, completing the Valentines Day Quest 30 times will reward a Talisman.


Cupid's Arrow

Valentine's Day Talisman

Rewarded for 30 Quest Runs

Cupid's Arrow.PNG

Gift Recovery


The first part of the quest is to gather fifteen Valentine's Rose's and fifteen Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  They will appear in an area found by clicking on the heart in the Quest Grove and must be stolen off the ground.  Only a small amount of stealing skill is required.

Once the items are gathered, toggle them as quest items and return to Lacey to continue the quest.


Gift Delivery


After thanking you, Lacey will give you three objects that she wishes you to deliver to specific inns.  Search out the three Inn Managers, single click on them and select 'talk' to deliver each item.


On completion of the tasks return to Lacey.  She will thank you again and give you an orb, which acts as a key to Evil Cupid's Lair.


Slay Cupid


The last task Lacey sends you on is, of course, the most perilous.  Head into Evil Cupid's Lair and bring his heart back to her.

The entrance to Evil Cupid's Lair is just outside Lacey's house, and the orb she just gave you allows you to pass through it.  Once inside it is imperative that you do not leave until you have completed both Objectives as you will not be able to return without quitting the quest and beginning again.


If you are in a group, partied or not, you will be competing for Evil Cupid's heart.  Only one will drop, and for the character that inflicted the most damage.  Having more than one heart will do no good as it will not last long enough to save for another quest run, so please cooperate here.  

Once you have toggled Evil Cupid's Heart as a Quest Item, return to Lacey to claim your reward.  Rewards for the Valentines Day Quest may be seen in the Display Gates area, under Custom, on the world omni-porter.

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