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Wiki - Magincia Vendor Stalls

Player Vendors can be placed in Magincia Bazaar, or in public houses/guild run vendor malls.

Vendors do not cost a daily or weekly fee on Legends of Sosaria. Instead, our vendors take a 15% commission on sales at the time of sale.  For this reason, there is no need to bind up gold to cover costs.

The Vendor Stalls go off of the OSI system for auctioning, more info here. Once you've won the stall, you can double click the sign to bring up the menu below:

Click 'My stall lease'. This will give you the option of placing a player vendor, a commodity broker (only will sell commodity deeds) or an animal broker (sells animals).

The actual functionality of the vendor in the stalls is the same as the player vendors are in your home. You can rotate your vendor by single clicking, and clicking rotate. You can also now lock down items in your stall! This can be used to decorate your stall, as well as set up any display items you'd like for your vendors.


Only one Magincia Vendor Stall can be acquired and held per account.

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