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Wiki - Virtues


All Virtues decay slowly on a Weekly Basis.

Compassion - A Heart (NPC escort quests / resurrect others with up to 80% full health)


Gaining Compassion
Gaining in the Virtue of Compassion is accomplished by escorting NPCs or Prisoners to their requested destination. This is done either via Gate Travel or simply walking and will reward you with 500 gold and progress towards achieving a level of Compassion. Rescuing Prisoners from NPC brigand camps, orcs, lizardmen, etc. will reward you with more progress (roughly double) than NPC's escorted from towns.

As you make progress, the dots at the top of the Virtue of Compassion status gump will begin to fill after completed escorts or rescues. When all ten dots are completed per level, you advance a level in the Virtue. At each completed level of Compassion, the Virtue icon will fill-in with a darker color and the title will change to indicate your current level of achievement when you mouse-over the Virtue icon from the main Virtue menu. Your level of achievement in each Virtue is publicly viewable by other players if they double-click the Virtue menu in your paperdoll.

Higher levels of Compassion confer increasingly higher benefits, which is discussed below. You can only gain from five NPCs per 24 hours, therefore rescuing prisoners will speed your progress versus doing just town escorts. Additionally, after you have completed five in a 24 hour window, there will be a system messaging indicating you must wait a day until you will gain again (although you can still continue doing more that day, but will only receive the gold reward).

You can only escort or rescue one NPC at a time. Once you have achieved the highest level of Compassion, a system message will be displayed indicating "You have achieved the highest path of compassion and can no longer gain any further". This maximum cap will be roughly one dot's worth of gains past Knight of Compassion.

Research shows that using the fastest method of prisoner rescues, i.e., a gate casting mage, you will perform roughly:

2 NPC prisoner rescues per dot working towards Seeker of Compassion (Level 1)
3 NPC prisoner rescues per dot working towards Follower of Compassion (Level 2)
4 NPC prisoner rescues per dot working towards Knight of Compassion (Level 3)

At each level of Compassion, people resurrected by you will return to life with additional hit points (without Compassion, they resurrect with just one hit point). Resurrections by either the Magery spell of Resurrection or from bandages with the Healing skill will add the additional hit points. At this time, resurrections via the Chivalry spell of Noble Sacrifice do not confer the hit point bonuses of Compassion. (How about resurrections through Sacrifice?)

Additional hit point bonuses after resurrections from a player with Compassion:

Seeker of Compassion (Level 1): 20% of their hit points restored
Follower of Compassion (Level 2): 40% of their hit points restored
Knight of Compassion (Level 3): 80% of their hit points restored
At only 25-30 minutes a day for a few weeks working on raising Compassion, its not really that much of an effort. Additionally, at 500 gold per escort, doing escorts is a safe, easy and profitable way for new players to make gold.

The fastest and easiest way to gain in compassion is to drink a bottle of Compassion Sage daily. Drinking one bottle can give as much compassion as 5 NPC escorts.

Honesty - An Open-Palmed Hand ("Lost" items / NPC merchant discount)

Honesty is one of eight virtues found within Ultima's Virtue System, and the sixth to become active. The virtue is represented on the Virtue Gump as an open palm which will turn blue to indicate your current level of achievement.

The benefit of Honesty is a discount on items bought from NPC merchants. The higher your rank, the more you'll save. The discount will not appear in the merchant window itself, but as a system message following the completed transaction. The discount is based on the total of each sale.

Gaining Honesty

Gaining in the Virtue of Honesty is accomplished by acquiring and returning items which read: "Lost Item (Return To Gain Honesty)." The items spawn on the ground in both Trammel and Felucca but they never spawn within dungeons or guard zones. Once you pick-up a lost item you have three hours to find its owner, after which the item will lose its "lost" tag:

You have three hours to turn this item in for Honesty credit, otherwise it will cease to be a quest item.
"Lost" items can be returned to any of the Virtue Towns (Britain, Yew, Moonglow, Trinsic, Skara Brae, New Magincia, Jhelom and Minoc) for Honesty credit. If the owner of the lost item happens to hail from a particular city you will get double credit for turning the item into that city.

Note that if you find an item in Trammel, you will find the owner in a Trammel city, not the Felucca version, and vice versa. Keep this in mind if you are having trouble finding the owner of a object.

At about 65 Forensics skill, you can identify the specific person who owned an item. You can identify the town around 40 skill.

Each town features a special lost and found box located within a bank. To use the lost and found system you simply drop a lost item onto the box. In order to find the specific city in which the item should be returned you will need to use Forensic Evaluation on the item.

The process of gaining Honesty has been greatly increased.  

Honor - A Chalice (Honoring then killing monsters / walk amidst monsters without being attacked)

When activated via the Virtues Menu, you may target a given creature that is entirely undamaged (that is, it's Hit Points, Stamina and Mana levels must be at their maximum). It could originally be used against players in addition to creatures, though this was removed in a later publish.

If you then kill the creature you are granted honor in accordance to its fame level and how "honorably" you fought it. Allowing your target the first blow and staying close to it will grant you higher levels of honor then using ranged attacks from a distance. For tamers, stay close, do not cast spells (they will lower your gain). Daemons will get you well into the Follower level, Balrons are good for reaching Knight, some would suggest Succubi, but their area attack can be bothersome.

Honor is an excellent compliment to Taming. Building Honor will allow you to tame pets without being attacked. The follower level will keep you safe for 90 seconds and the Knight level will provide 5 minutes of unmolested taming (very useful with Greater Dragons). Stay just off screen from your intended target, Activate the virtue, a macro key of [invoke virtue][honor] works well, or the pentagram on the top of the paperdoll, double click the Honor button and target yourself and click ok. Word of warning, if the intended pet targets you before you click the OK gump, you will be attacked, and you must hide to reset it.

Honor works hand in hand with Bushido in that activating it with a skill of 50 points or more also initiates the Perfection system.

It also allows you to return to a monster infested area to retrieve your items off your dead body.

The reward for honorable combat is the ability to move amongst monsters without them becoming hostile to you. To do this, you must activate the virtue and target yourself. The effect ends after a certain time or when you next perform a hostile action. According to developer Logrus, using Honor on oneself grants a shortly durated damage bonus of 25% (source: Stratics UO Warrior Profession Forum).

You can invoke honor once every 5 minutes. The duration it last depends on how high your honor is. A knight of Honor will last 3 times as long as a seeker. This virtue only drains as you use it (as opposed to others such as Valor, which drain over time).

When using the Bushido skill Honorable Execution on an honored opponent, if successful you will be granted an honorable damage bonus.

Justice -
Justice is one of the virtues for which there is a game mechanic. The only way to earn Justice is through PVP combat by killing murderers. Justice is expended at Champion Spawns to increase the number of Power Scrolls that are awarded.

Gaining Justice

Justice is awarded to the person who delivers the killing blow to a murderer, or red, character in Felucca. There is a cool down between being able to receive Justice again prevent people from "farming" Justice by continuously res-killing a red. The cool down varies by the number of skill points a character has.

The amount of Justice gained from each kill varies with the amount of skill points of the character who gains it. After each kill, a message stating "You have gained in Justice" will be displayed. Once you have fully maxed out the number progress points you can earn a message will be displayed stating "You cannot gain more Justice".

Expending Justice

Justice allows you to "protect" another player in Felucca. While one is under the protection of another, the protector has a chance of receiving a Scroll of Power when the recipient receives one. The chance of receiving a "protection scroll" depends on your Justice level.

  • Seeker of Justice: 60% chance of scroll

  • Follower of Justice: 80% chance of scroll

  • Knight of Justice: 100% chance of scroll

The maximum number of scrolls that can be received from the Champion is 12 (6 from the Champion itself, 6 from Justice protection). The protection system is used in the vast majority of Feluccan Champion spawns as a way to maximize the profitability of a spawn. Felucca champ guilds often consider receiving 12 scrolls as the mark for a successful spawn. It is virtually unheard of for established guilds to use anyone below Knight of Justice for the protector. Protection scroll distribution is a spot of contention in many guilds. There are many different methods of scroll distribution with many people trumpeting the benefits and disadvantages of their own.

It is a common misconception that the protection scroll will be a duplicate of the recipient's scroll, at least in intensity if not the covered skill. This is not the case. The scroll received by the protector is random.

Sacrifice Sacrifice is a Virtue that is gained through sacrificing all of one's Fame to a monster in order to redeem it. The monster will then recognize its wrong-doing and vanish into thin air. The monsters you can sacrifice to include Demons, Enslaved Gargoyles, Evil Mages, Gargoyle Enforcers, Liches and Succubi. In order to sacrifice to a monster it has to be completely unharmed. You also must have a minimal amount of fame, which is greater than 2000, probably 4000 total.

Sacrificing may only be done once per 24 hour period. You have to be at least "Great" to be able to sacrifice - the higher your reputation level, the further you advance on your Virtue path. Sacrificing a Lord/Lady title will yield far more progress than just a Great or Glorious status. Also, the more powerful a monster is you sacrifice to, the more you gain. You will have no fame remaining after a successful sacrifice.

Once per week your Sacrifice level will drop by a small amount automatically.

Alternatively, a small amount can also be gained by completing the quest given by Grizelda the Hag. Completing the Hag's Quest a few times a week will counter the weekly losses in Sacrifice, so that you don't have to lose all your well earned fame regularly.

The reward for your sacrifice is the ability to Resurrect yourself. For each level you reach on your way, you will be able to do so once a week. Thus as a Knight of Sacrifice (level 3) you can resurrect yourself 3 times a week.

After resurrecting yourself you will find all your belongings back in your backpack, except for any items that were looted in the time it took you to resurrect. The items will not be returned if you crossed a server line (e.g. walked out of a dungeon) before resurrection. A message will warn you if this is the case.

It is wise to only use this ability when in an emergency. You will not lose any virtue by doing so, but only one of your weekly resurrections.

Valor - 
Valor is the Virtue that enables characters to start a Champion Spawn. When the third level, or Knight of Valor, is reached, the character can invoke the virtue and target a Champion Spawn altar, thus activating it.

Altars can be targeted only once per spawn and the Virtue may only be used once per day: to activate it if inactive, or to add more red candles according to the user's amount of Valor. The higher the amount of Valor, the better the chance to gain more red candles. Altar advancing is often used to finish the harder levels more quickly, especially at the Lord OaksSemidar and Neira spawns.

Valor is obtained by killing creatures in a Champion Spawn. One random Felluca spawn will activate upon server-up so Valor may be obtained to start the rest of the altars.

Valor can be gained at Ilshenar Champion Spawns, as well as the new Mondain's Legacy champion spawns. However, it does not appear that Valor can be gained in the Labyrinth.

Humility - Humility by killing evil-aligned creatures during the Humility Hunt.

The Hunt
To begin the Humility Hunt, say the words “lum lum lum”. To end the hunt a player can speak, “lum lum lum.” After 30 seconds resists return to normal. There is a 60 second cooldown to re-initiate the hunt.

During the Humility Hunt players, pets, and summons receive a -70 resist debuff to all resists. Hiding via hiding skill, spells, potions, or turkey feathers is prohibited while on a Humility Hunt. Players receive Humility points for killing evil aligned creatures while on the hunt.
When activated via the Virtues Menu the player receives a targeting cursor. Targeting a pet will provide that pet with a 20 minute Hit Point Regeneration buff based on Humility path and consume some Humility points:

Seeker: +10 HPR
Follower: +20 HPR
Knight: +30 HPR

Spirituality - An Ankh (Use targeted heals and resurrections on other players)
Spirituality is gained by using targeted heals and resurrections on other players including bandages, close wounds, heal, greater heal, gift of renewal, cleansing winds, and rejuvenate. Spirituality is expended through the virtue menu, double click the humility virtue to bring up a targeting cursor.

Targeting a living player or pet will grant a Spirituality shield that will absorb incoming damage based on Spirituality path and consume some Spirituality points,

Seeker: 5% shield, with 50 shield HP
Follower: 10% shield, with 100 shield HP
Knight: 20% shield, with 200 shield HP

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