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How You Can Help

Legends of Sosaria has a lot of things going for it.  Dedicated staff and Loads of Content.  We actively pay for advertising and do whatever we can to help the server grow, but the most important, and powerful, thing that makes it thrive is it's Community.  In short, you have the power to make or break the server.

Not everyone will be willing, or able, to do everything listed here and that's okay.  Some may wish to help in any way they can, however, and not know how so we have outlined some easy ways you can help ensure the future of Legends of Sosaria. 

Log In and Stay Logged in

One of the draws to any online game is how many players will be around when joining the community.  When players are looking to join a new game they are more likely to join one with more players even if another, smaller, one has more interesting content.  To that end, you are helping the shard just by logging in.  The nature of UO makes afk'ing a viable thing to do, with periodic loyalty checks and occasional celebratory custom drops, staying logged in will help ensure you don't miss anything.

Vote Regularly

Legends of Sosaria has membership in the vote sites you see in the footer.  These sites allow one vote from each unique IP, or user, every 24 hours and they reset every month, or every week in the case of UO Gateway, which means that our standing on the boards relies on continued votes.  It is that standing that usually draws players to a shard, however, so the closer we are to the top of any of these vote sites the more likely we are to draw in new players.  If nobody votes then very few, if any, will join us.  If everyone does, we will appear as a thriving

community and we will see growth.

Like and Share our Facebook Page

Our Facebook Page is relatively new, but we do post upcoming events and change logs on it regularly.  Like any other media, the numbers there help to draw in new followers.  By liking the page you make the shard look popular.  By Sharing it, you are directly advertising for potential players and that benefits everyone.

Use the Referral System to Invite Others to Play

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools for shard success. To this end we have a Referral System to encourage and reward those who successfully bring others in to play.

Be Interactive

All of the things above help bring players into the game.  Being Interactive within the game is one of the major things you can do to help player retention.  Let's face it, new players that show up to a community that doesn't interact is less likely to give it a chance than one who is greeted with open arms.  Not everyone is a social butterfly, and that's okay, but it doesn't take much to say 'Hi' and offer some guidance.  A little bit here goes a long way and, who knows, you may even meet friends that will be with you for years to come.

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