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Wiki - Login Achievements

Each day, when a Player Account is logged into, a Login Achievement is unlocked and a reward is earned.

The reward earned depends on how many consecutive days the account has been logged into.

Missing any single day will reset the achievement back to the first reward, essentially starting the process over.

Should a player manage to receive the 30th reward, the achievement will reset back to the first reward.

A 'day' refers to the period between 12:00:00 a.m. and 11:59:59 p.m, server time (UTC), or a literal day of server time.

Consecutive Day vs.Reward

  1. Pet Bonding Potion

  2. Pet Leash (100 Charges)

  3. Message in a Bottle

  4. Meager Imbuing Material

  5. Scroll Binder Deed

  6. Average Imbuing Material

  7. Powder of Translocation (10 Charges)

  8. Powder of Fortification (10 Charges)

  9. Valuable Imbuing Material

  10. Random Treasure Map

  11. Bag of Cloth and Scales

  12. Bag of Necromancy Reagents

  13. Bag of Reagents

  14. Gemologist Satchel

  15. Bag of Large Gems

  16. Master Skeleton Key

  17. Random Runic Saw (50 Charges)

  18. Random Runic Fletchers Tools (50 Charges)

  19. Random Runic Sewing Kit (50 Charges)

  20. Random Runic Tinker Tools (50 Charges)

  21. Random Runic Hammer (50 Charges)

  22. Legendary Dust

  23. Wonderous Power Scroll of Choice (105 Skill)

  24. Exalted Power Scroll of Choice (110 Skill)

  25. Level Item Deed (Usable on Weapons and Spellbooks)

  26. Luck Deed

  27. Mythical Power Scroll of Choice (115 Skill)

  28. Epic Power Scroll of Choice (120 Skill)

  29. Weapon Damage Minimum +1 Deed

  30. Weapon Damage Maximum +1 Deed


A player logs in and receives the first reward of a Pet Bonding Potion. The next day, the same player logs in and gets the Pet Leash. After that, the player misses a day and logs in the day after that. This time the achievement has reset and the player gets another Pet Bonding Potion.

The lower on the list a reward is, the easier they are to attain and the more often they can be obtained. The final rewards are extremely valuable, but require logging in every day for weeks to earn.


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