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Wiki - Forsaken Isles

Forsaken Isles is intended to be for Veteran level players. As such, it is under development and things there may change often.

Forsaken Isles.png

Water Regions

The ocean in Forsaken Isles can be quite dangerous. Players will find their ships will be unable to sail through certain regions unless they are properly fortified. These regions are highlighted on the map by damage level of the region. Both the players and their ship will take damage as long as they are within the region and on their ship. The ships will also drift upon taking damage, making it very difficult to escape once you are deep within the region. While you will not be able to lay your ship out in these regions, you will be able to sail in and out of them.

Players will be able to fortify their ships through fortification kits, which will be found as quest rewards. With proper ship fortification, the player can sail through the region unscathed. Please note, these kits will only work on galleons and not regular boats. 

Level 1 Fortification: Durable

Level 2 Fortification: Resilient

Level 3 Fortification: Icebreaker


Region 1 (Pink): Turbulent seas. Ships will take moderate amounts of damage if not properly fortified.

Region 2 (Purple): Siren Seas. Ships will take heavy damage if not properly fortified.

Region 3 (Light Blue): Arctic Seas. Ships will take substantial damage and will quickly be destroyed without proper fortification.


Quests will be listed here as they are developed.

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