Wiki - Abecedarian Quest

The entry room of the New Player Dungeon is home for the Abecedarian Trainer.  

He will ask you to collect 10 items from each of the spawn in the New Player Dungeon. Upon completion of this, the trainer will then send you in to kill each of four mini-bosses within the dungeon. Each boss has the potential to drop one piece of the New Player Gear. The magical properties of the gear may be viewed by opening the trainer's paperdoll. Complete the entire quest chain and also earn a fairly substantial gold reward and some treasure.

The Abecedarian Quest is repeatable, but it only accessible to those who can still enter the New Player Dungeon. The quest items that drop off the spawn will evaporate 72 hours after they're gained. If a player has leftover items they may use them toward their next run, or trade them to another player if so desired.

It should be noted that all of the Abecedarian Gear morphs into different gear when equipped by a gargoyle, thus allowing those who wish to play as one equal opportunity to take advantage of this beginner quest.

The Abecedarian Gear may be worn by anyone under six months Account Age.